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Different types of sharks?

Bull Shark, Tiger Shark, Great White Shark, HammerHead Shark, Basking Shark, Black-Tip Shark, White-Tip Shark, Whale Shark, Zebra Shark, Lemon Shark, Sand Shark, Megalodon Shark, Goblin Shark, Mako Shark, MegaMouth Shark, Angel Shark, Reef Shark, Cow Shark

Names of sharks?

Bull Shark, Nurse Shark, Gray Shark, Tiger Shark, Mako Shark, Great White Shark and more. hammer shark, whale shark and the tresher shark

What are 20 different sharks?

1. Angel Shark 2. Basking Shark 3. Blacktip Reef Shark 4. Blue Shark 5. Bull Shark 6. Dusky Shark 7. Great white Shark 8. Greenland Shark 9. Hammerhead Shark 10. Leopard Shark 11. Lemon Shark 12. Mako Shark 13. Megamouth… Full Answer

What is the least dangerous shark?

it's the basking shark or the horn shark or the hammerhead shark or the zebra shark or the whale shark It's the whale shark. Even though it's the largest shark, it eats plankton and you can even hitch a ride… Full Answer

What are all of the species of sharks?

Tiger Shark Lemon Shark Great White Shark Whale Shark Basking Shark Megamouth Shark Grey Reef Shark Carribbean Reef Shark Black Tip Reef Shark White Tip Reef Shark Black Tip Shark Thats all poo poo!!

Who is not a shark?

I am not a shark. My boss is not a shark. My high school principal was not a shark. The Governor of Arkansas is not a shark. The CEO of Wal-Mart is not a shark. Spongebob Squarepants is not a… Full Answer

Can a lionfish kill a shark?

Depends on the type of the shark. A lionfish could probably kill a banded shark or the small species of shark. But not a bigger shark like the great white shark.

What is the second biggest shark?

The second largest shark species in the world is the Basking shark (Cetorhinus maximus). The largest shark species is the Whale shark (Rhincodon typus), so the second 'biggest shark' is probably also a whale shark!