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Is the BBC mystery series NEW TRICKS available on DVD?

Yes! Through the BBC Shop - Series 1 and Pilot was released 24/04/06, Series 2 was released 24/04/06 and Series 3 was released 14/05/07. Only Series 3 was "in stock" on 04/01/ ( Full Answer )
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When is series 3 of the BBC robin hood coming out?

Apparently in 2009 i havent heard WHEN in 2009 so don't ask . Answer 2: Robin Hood is returning in 2009 and I cannot wait for it! I've heard that it starts on May 30th ( Full Answer )
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When will Robin Hood Series 3 on the BBC return?

Theres been loads of aricles saying its not comming back until 2009. Its been on websites and everything. So unfortunetly wher going to have a long walk.. Theres been loads o ( Full Answer )
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When will series 3 of Heroes be aired on BBC?

September 23rd 2008, BBC2. References: ( Full Answer )
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Why did BBC ban the song lola?

The Kinks' "Lola," the best, most melancholic song about falling in love with a trans-woman ever, was only briefly banned, not because of content that the 1970's audience migh ( Full Answer )
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Is there going to be a series 3 of BBC outnumbered?

Yes, it has been confirmed that the production of a Series 3 is coming out. The family was on Jonathon Ross last night (13/3/10) and have said that Series 3 will be out in abo ( Full Answer )
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When is the BBC-HBO series The passion being shown in America?

Early speculation was that it would be shown Easter 2009, but there has been no word on this from HBO and it looks very unlikely that it will be on this Easter. On the assumpt ( Full Answer )
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Is there another series to all the small things BBC programme?

Series One of 'All The Small Things' featured a fantastic cast, gripping story lines and ground breaking musical performances. Despite delivering all this, and averaging at ( Full Answer )
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When will BBC screen series 3 of The Wire?

\nBelieve it will be June 22.. they said three weeks during the closing credits of the last episode and they have the cricket highlights every night until the 21st...
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What happens to BBC Robin Hood in Series 3 - does he die?

In the last episode of season 3, we see Robin, much, John, kate, Tuck, Archer and Gisborne join forces to defeat king john and the sheffif. Isabella ecapes from the castle jai ( Full Answer )
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Will there be a new series of Merlin on BBC?

There will be a Series 2 of Merlin on the BBC1.x ... and now series 3 has been announced but don't think that will be aired for about a year as series 2 has only just finishe ( Full Answer )
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What is the BBC series about a country doctor?

Doc Martin is a popular BBC comedy series about a General Practitioner in a quiet Cornwall town. He started out as a successful surgeon but then developed a fear of blood and ( Full Answer )
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Where can you watch jeopardy BBC series?

this is a link to a guys youtube i watched the entire series again over his youtube he has all of season 1, 2 & 3
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When is uther going to die in the bbc Merlin series?

I think he'll die in the middle of series 5, after arthur knows about merlin's magic and gets used to it (end of series 4). He dies of a battle wound or illness.
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What is the song playing on BBC trailer for Accused?

It sounded like the opening bars of the 'Muse' song which starts with arpeggios played on the keyboard. Stina Nordenstam - Crime from the Album 'And She Closed Her Eyes'
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When does series 4 of BBC Merlin start?

the series start will most likely be pushed back till Jan of 2012 because of Dr. who! ether way filming starts in March so only time will tell.
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When is a crime scene closed?

When the investigating officials have deemed the scene no longer necessary for the collection/preservation of evidence
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When did the mini series Emma first air on BBC?

The mini series Emma is based on a novel penned by Jane Austen of the same title. The mini series began on the BBC in October of 2009 and ran for four episodes.
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Who narrated the BBC documentary series Life?

David Attenborough narrated the nature documentary Life. After three years of capturing footage the series was eventually turned into a 10 part series, each episode lasting f ( Full Answer )
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Where can someone watch the BBC TV series Panorama?

There are many places where someone can watch the BBC TV series Panorama. The show can be watched online through the BBC website, if someone is from England.
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Who starred in the BBC series Spooks?

The BBC series "Spooks" debuted in 2002 on the channel BBC One. Some of the main stars include Peter Firth, Matthew Macfadyen, Lara Pulver, Jenny Agutter and Max Brown.
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What was the BBC TV series Life on Earth about?

The Life on Earth series shows the presenter David Attenborough travelling around the globe to cover how life has evolved on the planet. It was 13 episodes long.
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Who sings the song all at sea in the closing titles of the bbc drama Turks and Caicos?

Never heard the song but here is a few songs with that title.. showing band name and some of the lyrics... maybe one of these are it?? . 1. All At Sea by JAMIE CULLUM I'm ( Full Answer )