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What is a celebrity?

a celebrity is a person who's famous. like Hannah Montana or Miley Cyrus. Another is Carrie Underwood. And Taylor Swift. They are people who sing like famous and are rich. ( Full Answer )
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What is celebrity?

A celebrity is famous person. You can be famous for playing sports, acting, singing, being a scientist. Let me name some for you: Cascada (singer ) Eli Manny (athlete)
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What are celebrities?

People who are well known by the public but who have not gainedtheir fame through their own talent or effort. They are created bythe popular media to fill air time or space.
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What celebrity plays Club Penguin?

Club Penguin is for younger people. I therefore think it unlikely a celebrity plays Club Penguin.
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What celebrations do they have?

Easter, and Christmas. well that's basically it, all the other holidays are just from anything else
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What celebrations are there?

bounty, mars, milky way, galaxy caramel, galaxy, galaxy truffle, teasers (malteasers), snickers, sometimes topic and/or twix.
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What are great Friday celebration songs?

any kind of Friday songs or songs you like Finally Friday by George Jones Drinkin Bone by Tracy Byrd Weekend by Wet Willie
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Why do you have celebrations?

we have celebrations because aciant humans belived that they were being hunted by evil spirits when they had a big change in there life such as becoming a year older.
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Which celebrities play Wizard 101?

selena gomez once she was on it and i heard she really DOES have a wizard so theres your awnser.
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Do any celebrities play clubpenguin?

Yes! Bella Thorne, Zendaya, and more. But, there user names are like unusual. Very unusual.
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How are the celebrities?

They are celebrities because they have a special talent, or they are really good at something. That's how someone becomes a celebrity.
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What Celebrities play World of Warcraft?

World of Warcraft commercial stars, such as Mr T, Verne Troyer, and William Shatner play. David Henry (Actor), Dave Chapelle (Actor/Comedian), Robin Williams (Actor/Comedian ( Full Answer )
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What is the song playing on BBC trailer for Accused?

It sounded like the opening bars of the 'Muse' song which starts with arpeggios played on the keyboard. Stina Nordenstam - Crime from the Album 'And She Closed Her Eyes'
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Which celebrities play Black Ops?

i know Justin beiber does, he has it on ps3. erm.. dermont o'leary has modern warfare 2 so probably has black ops. Wayne Rooney and langdon donnovan both have it on Xbox. ther ( Full Answer )
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Why are there celebrities?

Celebs are people that have special skills. People that can sing good or act good or dance or something else. Sometimes, though, it is really unfair that some people are famou ( Full Answer )
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What do you have to do to be a celebrity?

you have to and perform somewhere there are talent scouts and they will see you or put a video of yourself doing your talent and they will email you back to see if you want to ( Full Answer )
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Which celebrities play RuneScape?

None that we know of, although some players have become famousbecause of being well known in Runescape.
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Which celebrities play second life?

The pop group Duran Duran are celebrities who are activeresidents of Second Life. The band has a number of themed regionsand have performed live acts in world.
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Why do you have celebrity?

I think you hve elebrities becuse...they re "importnt". Well known. Like actors. Angelina Jolie. Singers. Tulisa.
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What is a good song for celebration?

well for a childs party, im happy and i know and for a adult party for men, santana songs. for a teenager party, use the beat, 96.1
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Which celebrity goes by the nickname of Daddy Yankee?

The celebrity who goes by the name of Daddy Yankee is named Ramon Luis Ayala Rodriguez. He also has other nicknames, some of which are El Jefe, King Daddy, and The Big Boss.
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In what year was the song Celebration released?

There are three different songs titled "Celebration" that were released on different dates. The song "Celebration" was released by Kool & the Gang on October 11, 1980. However ( Full Answer )
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What is a celebrant?

A celebrant is a person who officiates at a religious ceremony, particularly a marriage or the Eucharist.