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Who is Carmina Burana?

It's not a who, it's an opera, more specifically a secular catata. Burana stands for a series of bayern [Bavarian] poems from 11th-13th centuries. Written by Carl Orff.

Who is carmina?

During a presentation of "Carmina Burana " in my city (Medellin, Colombia), I heard a woman asking her friend which one of the female singers could be Carmina (stressing the second syllable). Like many people, she made two mistakes: First… Full Answer

What has the author Manfred Wacht written?

Manfred Wacht has written: 'Concordantia in Sedulium' -- subject(s): Concordances, Glossaries, vocabularies, Latin language, Postclassical, Postclassical Latin language 'Lemmatisierter Index zu Silius Italicus, Punica' -- subject(s): Indexes, Punic War, 2nd, 218-201 B.C., Poetry 'Concordantia in Iuvenci evangeliorum libros' -- subject(s)… Full Answer