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Target audience for coffee?

Answer . Assuming you want to advertise your coffee related business, you should consider:. 1. latinos (think of large cities in california, florida) 2. highly educated ( Full Answer )
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What is target audience?

Target audience are the people to whom you cater a particular product or service.. Eg: The target audience of 'pampers' are actually mothers, who make the decision about whic ( Full Answer )
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Target audience of the Olympics?

The whole world is the target audience. One world One dream. There are 205 members of the Olympic movement and all these attended the Beijing Olympics.
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What is whiskeys target audience?

Everyone! But the two most frequent purchasers are middle-aged, Caucasian males and Asian-Indian males of any age.
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What is the target audience of email?

An Email can be used by anybody and doesn't have a narrow target, although saying this it is obvious you would not want very young children getting into the habit. So children ( Full Answer )
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Who is the target audience for Pantene shampoo?

teenagers and preteens 11 and 12 ** Edit** Not necessarily true. Pantene do a wide range of products that are suitable for all age ranges, both male and female. Their " ( Full Answer )
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What is the target audience of a newspaper?

the target audience depends on the section of the paper. The funnies would be children. The sports would (most likely) be men. The economical section would be adults in genera ( Full Answer )
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What is the target audience of BBC news?

give me some suggestion about " how i can write covring letter that will be send to the printing company with the proof copy" please me answer this question soon.
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What is a targeted audience?

A targeted audience is a group of people that are specifically targeted by a work of literature or a specific product or production. It is often an advertisement which uses au ( Full Answer )
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What is audience target?

What something is made for e.g. a children's book will have children as a target audience e.g. an old people's movie will have old people as a target audience
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What is JLS target audience?

Mainly Teenagers. This could be from 12-20 though. And they aim for anyone who likes it!
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Who are the target audience for total film?

J_R_97 said he hates all his children he especially hates his youngest child you know who also he sed he never loved his wife infcat he dnt go no wife she is just a figment hi ( Full Answer )
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What is the target audience for horror films?

A horror films target audience is generaly those in the age group 15-25. It is mostly aimed at men as they are more likely to be able to interact with the charscters on screen ( Full Answer )
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What is target audience for a weekly paper?

The average weekly newspaper like the Sun Herald and the Daily telegraph use vocabulary suitable for a twelve year old.
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What is the Alchemist's target audience?

its normally aimed at teenagers because it doesn't have words used in the olden times e.g. thus,... etc
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Who are the target audiences for a business plan?

A business plan can either solve the business owner to stay on theplanned path, help employees understand the business or it providesinformation for acquiring loan and any add ( Full Answer )
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What is a target audience or target market?

A target market or target audience is something/someone your aiming to appeal to, such as the target market for a stuffed animal is kids or toddlers
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What is the target audience of Top Gear?

I guess you would have to assume that the presenters reflect the producers target audience. In the UK, the team are middle aged white men who give an aura of expertise and cre ( Full Answer )
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What is the target audience for Romeo and Juliet?

The target audience for romeo and Juliet had to all generations of age above 10 because everyone would be engaged by this extream love story and would me interested to know wh ( Full Answer )
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Who is the target audience for the guardian?

Champagne Socialists . The sort of people who have secured their livelihood comfortably in the British middle class and then decide to make astute value judgments upon the ver ( Full Answer )
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Who is the target audience for woman and home?

The target audience for Woman and Home magazine is women ages 20 to 55 who have an upper middle class income level. These people would include homemakers who enjoy cooking and ( Full Answer )
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How do advertisers attract their target audience?

Advertisers attract their target audience by creating ads which they will specifically find interesting. This increases the odds of generating a new customer while providing i ( Full Answer )
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What a target audience for mental health?

To improve the lives of people who have mental issues, at least three audiences need to be targeted: 1. Government legislators -e.g. to improve funding, attract better docto ( Full Answer )
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How do you pick a Target Audience?

When you have something to sell (whether goods like clothing, or services like a restaurant or a health club), your target audience refers to the specific group of people you ( Full Answer )
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How old is the target audience of Meez?

The target audience of Meez is 15-18 year olds, although one could argue that people between the ages of 19 and 24 would also enjoy the products of Meez.
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Who is the target audience for Indiatimes?

Although readers of all ages and cultural backgrounds can find valuable information and insight from Indiatimes, the site is targeted at young people of Indian origin. It desc ( Full Answer )
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Who is the target audience of Defence News?

The Defence News can capture quite a broad audience on the spectrum however their most targeted audience is the Senior Military and individuals of the government and industry ( Full Answer )
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What is the target audience of Tou TV?

Tou TV is apart of Radio-Canada as an on-demand website with a large library of French-speaking content in the country. They also broadcast in English as well as eight differe ( Full Answer )
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Who is Visa's target audience?

Visa target audience are people who use ATM cards in broad perspective whether to shop, fill in gas, eat etc
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Why are the BBC struggling to get younger audiences?

Because it basically scrapped the 'general audience' format ofshowing children's TV from 3:30 to 5:45 PM on BBC1 - in favour ofspecific digital channels. They now have kids ch ( Full Answer )