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Why was this symbol created?

It was created for the use of congruence between segments, angles, and triangles. Also it was created for the transitional property of congruence, symmetry property of congruence, and Reflexive property of congruence.

What is SSA in geometry?

It refers to the congruence of two sides and a non-included angle of one triangle with that of another. SSA does not imply congruence of the triangles.

What are the four congruence postulates?

The postulates that involve congruence are the following : SSS (Side-Side-Side) Congruence Postulate - If three sides of one triangle are congruent to three sides of another triangle, then the triangles are congruent. SAS (Side-Angle-Side) Congruence Postulate - If two… Full Answer

What are the 2 triangle congruence theorems?

The two triangle congruence theorems are the AAS(Angle-Angle-Side) and HL(Hypotenuse-Leg) congruence theorems. The AAS congruence theorem states that if two angles and a nonincluded side in one triangle are congruent to two angles and a nonincluded side in another triangle… Full Answer

What is HYL Congruence Theorem?

HyL Congruence Theorem : if a leg and the hypotenuse of one right triangle are congruent to a corresponding leg and the hypotenuse of another right triangle,then the triangles are congruent. _eytiin cu ;)

What is congruences?

the strongest relationship a pair of triangles can have is congruence. two segments or two angles are congruent when they have the same measures. congruent triangles have exactly the same size and shape.

Why would you use CPCTC?

Once you have shown that two triangles are congruent you can use CPCTC (corresponding parts of congruent triangles are congruent) to show the congruence of the remaining sides and angles.