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What is a description of a snail?

A snail will have a shell that can vary in shape and color, from bright, standing out colors to camaflouging brown. The shells can be coneshaped, more round shaped, or any other shapes. They produce slime whenever they go somewhere… Full Answer

Why do snails float?

Snails float when they are nervous. If your snail is floating partially out of it's shell, you may have a problem. Try picking the snail up and smelling it. If it has a gross and strong smell, you have a… Full Answer

What does an assassin snail look like?

Clea helena is the scientific name for the Assassin Snail. This snail has a elongated spiral shell with bands of cream and dark brown/black running along its shell transversely. The snail's body is overall grey with black speckling. See related… Full Answer

How can you tell a slug is a slug?

Because it's what you could commonly recognise as a slug, a snail without a shell is still a snail just without its shell, the same as if you remove a zebra's stripes it's still a zebra not a horse.