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How far should a 3 hybrid club go?

About 210 or so. You may expect it to go as far as a 5 wood which has a similar loft, but the hybrid has a shorter shaft so won't go as far.

What is a name for a barn loft?

A barn hay loft is also called a hay mow (or haymow; this word is pronounced like 'wow'). In the 1800s, wagons full of hay pulled up on a higher level of ground beside the 2nd story of the barn… Full Answer

What rhymes with soft?

aloft , loft, coughed, doffed, waft, oft, toft, quaffed, scoffed, hayloft, aloft, coughed, doffed, hayloft, loft, oft, quaffed, scoffed, soft, toft, waft 1 syllable: coughed, croft, groft, kroft, loft, oft, scoffed, toft, waft 2 syllables: aloft 3 syllables: choir loft… Full Answer

What is a 4 hybrid golf club for?

Depending on manufacturer this club could have the loft of a 4 iron or a 3 iron. It is a club which has the loft of an iron but the design of a wood, it helps get the ball in… Full Answer

What is an 11 wood golf club?

An 11 wood is a highly lofted fairway wood. They are extremely rare, but you would find one with about 27 degrees of loft. It could be used to replace a five iron, but most people would prefer a hybrid.