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Is there a digital camera which will accept the telephoto lens of the Minolta Vectis S-1?

Answer Yes, but who maybe not worth it . With five manual Rokkor lenses, I've been hoping for the same solution... came across this website ( Full Answer )
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Do telephoto lens from Konica Minolta Dimage A2 fit the A200?

Yes.. Both have a 49mm standard threading for accessory lenses.. Original Lenses made by Konica Minolta for A1, A2, A200 (no longer available since Sony bought KM):. ACT-10 ( Full Answer )
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Can a Pentax slr lens be used with a digital slr?

Yes. The Pentax SLR lens K-mount will fit the Pentax Digital SLR [DSLR] and the Samsung DSLR. Two warnings: (1) you will lose the electronic linkages for some of the automatic ( Full Answer )
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How does mm convert to lens magnification?

With 35 mm film cameras, the 35 mm refers to the film size, notto be confused with the lens size. A 50 mm lens is usuallyconsidered the normal or neutral size, with a magnific ( Full Answer )
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How does a telephoto lens work?

A telephoto lens allows the photographer to bring his subject inmuch closer than possible with a regular lens. The longer the lens,the closer he can bring the subject.
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What is the difference between a telephoto and zoom lens?

A telephoto lens is a camera lens that is typically used for takingphotographs of subjects that are a distance away such as alandscape. They are also used for subjects that th ( Full Answer )
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With SLR cameras how do you convert focal length to optical magnification?

How precise do you want to get? Precision method... Calculate the diagonal of the camera's film image. Compare the lens focal length to that to get your answer. Exampl ( Full Answer )
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Lens that allows greater magnification?

please help i need this question answered I believe a bi-convex lens, that is, a lens with an outward curve on both surfaces, would provide the greatest magnification in a si ( Full Answer )
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Magnification of a 300mm lens?

In photography we never talk about 3X or 4X magnification and it's a telephoto not a telescopic lens. A lens with a given focal length on a given camera gives a certain view w ( Full Answer )
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What is the difference between a normal perspective lens a wide angle lens and a telephoto lens?

Briefly and without going into technical detail, a normal perspective lens produced what is seen in the viewfinder, and is normally 50MMM focal length, the wide - angle lens s ( Full Answer )
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Which is a better lens Telephoto or zoom?

A "zoom" lens just means that the lens can change its length (e.g. 18-55, or 80-200mm). A telephoto lens is one that make objects look significantly "closer" than they really ( Full Answer )
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How you calculate the magnification of a telephoto lens?

Step 1 Write down the maximum focal length of the lens for which you want to find the magnification. For instance, a 70-250 mm lens will have a maximum focal length of 250mm. ( Full Answer )
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Why a 50mm lens is the standard SLR lens?

Because it's an accurate representation of what your eyes see. There are some people who don't like 50mm lenses simply because they have to foot zoom but the quality is totall ( Full Answer )
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Does a slr have only one lens?

most Basic SLR (Single Refraction Lens) Cameras use a single lens, however MOST advanced SLRS use multiple Lenses. it is best to use Multiple Lenses because a single lens c ( Full Answer )
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How do you get the fog from between your telephoto lens?

If the image quality is suffering because of the haze, then the lens should be sent to the manufacturer or reputable camera repair shop for cleaning. Undertaking this repair w ( Full Answer )
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Does a telephoto lens give less depth of field than a wide angle lens?

Yes, all other things being equal. The longer the focal length the shallower the depth of field. It also depends on the distance from the lens to the subject and the aperture ( Full Answer )
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What is the magnification of the scanning lens?

Magnifies 4 times alone. The magnification of the eyepiece is 10 times alone. (4times x 10times = 40times) total magnification of the scanning lense and the eyepeice together ( Full Answer )
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What telephoto lens will let you view from 300 yards?

It depends on what you want to photograph, assuming you need this and not just "view" (that's what binoculars are for). I suggest a 200mm telephoto as a minimum, ideally 400mm ( Full Answer )
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In photography what is a telephoto lens?

When being used in photography, a telephoto lens is used as a long focus lens. This means that the focal length of the lens is longer than the physical length. This type of le ( Full Answer )
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Which lens for a digital SLR has the best reviews?

Some of the lenses with the best reviews for the digital SLR include the Nikon 55-300mm AF-S and the Nikon 35mm Nikkor Lens. You can read more about and purchase these lenses ( Full Answer )
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Where can one purchase a cheap Nikon telephoto lens?

Cheap Nikon telephoto lenses may be purchased through online retailers such as eBay and Amazon. RadioShack and Best Buy also offer a variety of Nikon telephoto lenses, some of ( Full Answer )
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What are the pros and cons of the 500mm Prime Telephoto Lens by KELDA?

^ I bought a lens of eBay from this Now I have a Sony ( Full Answer )