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How many women served in the Vietnam war?

None, because they were all busy in the kitchen making food for the troops. Women were not allowed to fight in the military until later in time.
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How many Americans serving in Vietnam?

During the course of the war, approximately 3,403,100 US personnel served in Southeast Asia, of which approximately 2,594,000 served within Vietnam itself.
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Who was the American general in Vietnam war?

General Paul Harkins commanded until about 1964. General William Westmoreland commanded until approximately 1968. General Creighton Abrams (whom the US M-1 Abrams tank is name ( Full Answer )
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Who led the Americans in the Vietnam war?

US GEN's Paul Harkins until '64, William Westmoreland until '68, Creighton Abrams until '73 (the namesake of our current M-1 Abrams MBT-Main Battle Tank).
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Why Americans refused to serve in Vietnam?

Many of them felt that the war was wrong and among these were many who would be forced through conscription to risk their lives to to tickle the fancy of a group of politician ( Full Answer )
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What was a famous battle in the Vietnam war?

For the airmen; Rolling Thunder and Linebacker II. For the sailors: Riverine war (Operation Game Warden) For the men on the ground: Lam Son 719 (the last US offensive); Ia Dra ( Full Answer )
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What was Vietnam war famous for?

The longest war in US history; the only war in which the US cause was lost to the enemy, in this case, the communists.. In all past wars, the enemy has either been consumed ( ( Full Answer )
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What famous people served in vietnam?

The Vietnam War was a war between Anti-communist and Communistforces in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia from 1955 to 1975. Some famouspeople that served in the Vietnam War were the ( Full Answer )
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Did women serve in the war with Vietnam?

Women volunteered for the military , and in most cases, volunteered for Vietnam; nearly all served as nurses.
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Who was a famous general in the Vietnam War?

General's Curtis LeMay; Westmoreland; Abrams. Colonel's George S. Patton Jr. (son of WWII Gen Patton); Robin Olds (WWII ace)
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How did Americans come to serve in Vietnam?

At the height of the Vietnam War, there were about 500,000 Americansoldiers in the country at any given time. Over the course of thewar, about 2 million served in the nation o ( Full Answer )
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Why did Muhammad Ali not serve in the Vietnam war?

He declared that he would refuse to serve in the United States Army and publicly considered himself a conscientious objector. Ali stated that "War is against the teachings of ( Full Answer )
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What ships served during the Vietnam war and when?

Nearly every warship and supply ship in the USN served somewhere off the coast of Vietnam; either on Yankee Station (North Vietnam) or Dixie Station (South Vietnam); this incl ( Full Answer )
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How many Americans claim they served in Vietnam?

Approximately 2,594,000 US servicemen served in country in Vietnam. For a war with well over 22,000 charged draft dodgers, of which about 8,800 were convicted and about 4,000 ( Full Answer )
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How did American liberal ideals serve as a catalyst for the movements of the 1960s civil rights anti-war during the Vietnam War?

Liberal ideals include valuing human life and human rights. The relevance to the civil rights movement is therefore obvious. As for the anti-war movement, note that there was ( Full Answer )
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Famous actors who served in Vietnam war?

1. James Stewart (Jimmy Stewart) (USAF). 2. Glenn Ford (USN). 3. Errol Flynn's son (civilian correspondent). 4. Patrick Duffy (from the TV show DALLAS). 5. Steve Kanaly (f ( Full Answer )
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Who was the president served during Vietnam war?

Lyndon B. Johnson is the usual answer. However, the US had some military involvement in Vietnam in all the years of 1959 to 1975. The US Presidents during this time were: Dwi ( Full Answer )
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How many dogs served in Vietnam war?

US Military records were not kept prior to 1968, in Vietnam. 3,747 war dogs (officially designated military working dogs during the war) are documented as having served in So ( Full Answer )
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Did Fred rogers serve in the Vietnam war?

In today's world of fakes and computers, you need to see his paperwork. Photos used to be good, but as the years go by, the young men of yesterday DO NOT look like the men of ( Full Answer )
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American Weapons in the Vietnam War?

The standard weapons of the US military were: m1 grand m14 m16a1 springfiled m1a1 m79 LAW m1911 m60
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Who served as President in Vietnam War?

Presidents Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, and Ford. There is technically no such thing though as the Vietnam "War". War was never declared by congress and thus is officially the ( Full Answer )
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Which war is Vietnam famous for?

The Vietnam War was nicknamed the "Helicopter War." As it was histories first massive use of the helicopter.
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How did the Vietnam War become famous?

Nearly all wars are famous (or infamous) to their own generation of people. In the US during the 1860s, 1870s, 1880, 1890s, up until the 1920s "the war" was "the Rebellion" (n ( Full Answer )
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Why is Vietnam not famous on American TV?

Because Vietnam war was fake and it never happened. Whatever teachers tell you about Vietnam War do not believe them.
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Who famous opposed Vietnam war?

Many famous people opposed the Vietnam War, including Gene McCarthy, John Lennon, Bob Dylan, Jane Fonda (who went a bit too far), Gore Vidal, and many more.
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How many Vietnamese served in the Vietnam war?

The answer to that is not easy to give and will require someeducated guesses. The South Vietnamese army grew - including itsReserve Militia - to around 500,000 strong, which w ( Full Answer )