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What was XO Communications formerly known as?

XO Communications is a company which owned by XO Holdings, Inc. XO Communications had several previous names. XO Communications was also known as Allegiance Telecom, Inc., Nextlink Communications, and Concentric Network Corporation.

Why you dont have goltv chanel any more?

If your Satellite/Cable provider includes GolTV in its line-up, you should have it. GolTV's affiliates are: * AT&T * Accelplus * Advanced Cable Communications * Arkwest Communications Inc * Atlantic Broadband Finance * Bresnan Communications * Cablevision Communications * Cavalier… Full Answer

What is cis-inc pcen?

Cis-inc pcen (aka CIS-INC PCEN) is a on line community of users and providers of growth and development services to Christian missions, churches and charities. PCEN originally stood for Professional Communications Exchange Network.

Duties of a computer network specialist?

Responsibilities The main responsibilities of the Network Specialist are to: · design the communications network, · select communications hardware and software, · implement the communications network, · resolve network issues.

What news network plays on CityTV?

Citytv is a group of television stations in Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, and Winnipeg. Citytv is a branch of Rogers Broadcasting Limited which is owned by Rogers Communications Inc.

What is a communications network?

Hope this would help you! A communications network is a communication system that allows two or more computer and their peripheral devices to be connected in order to exchange data and information. telecommunications network