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By what other name was Chief Powhatan known?

Chief Powhatan was also known as Wahunsunacock . But you really really shut up about it. Andrew Leshnick, Brandon Race, Zackary Breman I hate you infinity, your stupid infinit ( Full Answer )
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What is the meaning of the name Brody?

BRODY . Gender: Masculine. Usage: Irish , English . Pronounced: BRO-dee [key] . From a surname which was originally derived from a place name meaning "ditch" in Gae ( Full Answer )
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By what other names is Ireland known?

Éire is the official name, which you will see on coins. Ireland is also referred to as the Republic of Ireland, the Emerald Isle and also the land of saints and scholars.
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What other name is santa clous known by?

The correct spelling for the jolly man associated with Christmas isSanta Claus. Other names for this man include Father Christmas.Kris Kringle and Saint Nicholas.
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By what other name is Australia known?

In modern times, Australia is not officially known by any other name. Its official name is Commonwealth of Australia, and it is popularly called "Down Under" by those who live ( Full Answer )
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What other name is guinea pig known as?

The most common one is Cavy. There might be others but it is mostly Guinea Pig and Cavy, but they DO NOT come from New Guinea nor are they part pig. Take Care and god Bless! ( Full Answer )
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Is Brody a cool name?

To me Brody sounds like a cool name for a little boy,but a teenager....uh..NOT so much.
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What other name is mercury known by?

Mercury the metal, as opposed to Mercury the planet, is also known as quicksilver , due to its liquidity at room temperature (out of all the elements, only Bromine is also li ( Full Answer )
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Jesus is known by what other names in the bible?

He is known by many names:. Jesus (meaning 'he who saves') . Emmanuel ('God with us') . Messiah (the long-awaited saviour of the Jewish religion) . The Christ (another way ( Full Answer )
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What other name are guinea pigs known?

a guinea pig is also known as a Cavy . also a boy is known as a boar, and a girl is known as sow.
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Are ribosomes known by any other names?

Yes they can be. As an intact Biochemical effector the Ribosome's identity is unique. As well, each of it's components are equally unique and each has it's own unique name. ( Full Answer )
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What other name are Aztecs known as?

The name Aztec was given to them by historians but the original name they went by was Mexicas. Which is the reason why many people believe the indigenous people called there c ( Full Answer )
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What other name was the Nazi known as?

They called themselves National Socialists. Nazi was a nickname first used in Germany in the early 1920s.
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By what other name is this instrument known?

someone answer this it makes no since =-( plz! Squeezebox or Melodeon ( I know that you r trying to get answers from "Words on the Vine" book )
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What does the name Brodie mean?

The name Brodie is a modernized spelling of Brody , which is a Gaelic word meaning "ditch". Brodie is a Scottish surname of uncertain meaning. Possiblemeanings include: . ( Full Answer )
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What other names is Santa known by?

Well there are so many, it would be hard to make a comprehensive list, but here are some of them: Father Christmas Kris Kringle Saint Nick
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What other names is parsley known by?

Common names for this herb include parsley breakstone, garden parsley, rock parsley, parsley, and petersylinge.
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What other names is andrographis known by?

In Mandarin, andrographis is called chuan xin lian, Yi jian xi and Lan he lian, which translate directly as "thread-the-heart lotus." The Cantonese term is chyun sam ling, and ( Full Answer )
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What other names is a pelvic ultrasound known by?

Depending on the goal of the procedure, a pelvic ultrasound can also be called a bladder ultrasound, pelvic gynecologic sonogram, or obstetric sonogram.
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What other name is Stahl's deformity known by?

Stahl's deformity is also known as Vulcan ear or Spock ear because it resembles the ears of the well-known Star Trek character.
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What other names is a malocclusion known by?

The word malocclusion literally means "bad bite." The condition may also be referred to as an irregular bite, crossbite, or overbite.
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What other names is bursitis known by?

It is known by several common names including weaver's bottom, clergyman's knee, and miner's elbow, depending on the affected individual's occupation and area of injury.
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What other name is Natalizumab known as?

Natalizumab is a drug used to treat Multiple Sclerosis and Crohn's Disease. It is also known by the name Tysabri. Before that it was called Antegren.
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What other name is Jesus known as?

There are over 200 names and titles for Jesus like the Word, Son ofGod, the Christ, the Chief Cornerstone --- see related link below:
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What other names is Japanese Knotweed known by?

The Japanese Knotweed is known as the following names; fleeceflower, Himalayan Fleece vine, monkeyweed, monkey fungus, Hancock's curse, elephant ears, pea shooters, donkey rhu ( Full Answer )
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What other names is the UK known?

The UK is short for United Kingdom and is alternately called Great Britain, Britain and England, but in actuality, each of these names stands for different things.
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By what other name is ''Yeshua'' known?

Yeshua was a name of Hebrew origin which was frequently alternated with the name Joshua. The name Yeshua is also used to refer to Jesus in different contexts.
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By what other name is the Roshambo game known?

The Roshambo game is also known by the name Rock, Paper, Scissors. It is played with the hands. In the game usually paper covers the rock, scissors cut the paper and the roc ( Full Answer )
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What is Bruiser Brody known for?

Bruiser Brody was known for professional wrestling. His real name was Frank Donald Goodish but he used King Kong Brody and Bruiser Brody as some of his ring names. He was born ( Full Answer )