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how do weld GI pipe to GI pipe?

A GI pipe is welded to a GI pipe by using solder and flux. The pipe is heated up, flux applied, and then solder allowed to flow into the joints to create a secure bond.

What is pipe stress?

Pipe Stress. pipe carry's alot of things.stress comes into mind at pump connections and steam hangers and the system of steam relies strongly on proper stress points to expand.this is called a steam loop.lets the pipe expand and retract without… Full Answer

What is use of pipe nipple?

Pipe nipple is use as connector to both pipe which have female end. It does not same as pipe reducer which nipple has same diameter throughout both end and threaded. Pipe reducer has different diameter for both end and it… Full Answer

What is class 4 PVC pipe used for?

Class is the classification criteria employ by the manaufacturer to differentiate pipe based on diameter, rating and other criteria. Class 4 just like other classes of pvc pipe can be used for whatever you wish to use it for depending… Full Answer

What is the flow-line of a pipe?

The flow-line of a pipe is the bottom inside portion of the pipe. Flow-lines are generally reffered to when establishing the elevation of the pipe work.