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Can someone purchase land for unpaid taxes if there is a home on the land and the mortgage of the home is current. Will the purchaser own both land and home and evict the home owners?

Rules and regulations would vary according to area on this, but yes subject to the same, you could pay the unpaid taxes and hold a tax certificate which can be paid with interest to you by the homeowner. If this… Full Answer

When can federal taxes be taken?

Generally your Federal Income tax refund can be taken to pay any past taxes due, unpaid student loans, unpaid and delinquent child support due, and most any amount due to a federal or state agency.  It is far more unlikely… Full Answer

Foreclosure and property tax?

In the case of foreclosure AND unpaid property taxes - the government gets first claim for the unpaid tax bill. Then the creditor gets what's left. OK the taxes has gone to a lawyer and is not in forclosure yet… Full Answer