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What is reverberation?

Reverberation happens when reflections of a sound joins up with the original sound, so it seems prolonged. A reverberation is created from the reflecting surface when a sound is produced in an enclosed space causing a large number of echoes… Full Answer

What are the examples of reverberation?

Reverberation, or Reverb for short, is a dispersing effect as the sound waves bounce off multiple hard surfaces they then collide and the waves ripple creating essentially a "Grand Hall" effect. Many Vocalists use Reverberation to make their voices more… Full Answer

What are simulated acoustics?

Simulating acoustics is the process of modifying your sound in post-production, in order to portray how you want your sound to sound like. For example, when you record your sound in a sound proofed recording suite/room, where the sound cannot… Full Answer

Why is sound repeated near the hills?

sound that occurs in nature, such as those of animal, trees, people, the wind, the rain, etc. are the natural sounds. it is heard near the hill because of the echo and the reverberation of the sound

What physics are in an ukulele?

Like all instruments, sound is produced. This production involves creating of sound waves in frequencies that the human ear can pick up. Wave motion, harmonics, reverberation and resonance are all part of the physics of the instrument.