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Can I watch a Broadway musical on Monday?

Most Broadway houses are dark on Mondays, but there are some that play on Mondays. In most cases, though, you can only watch Broadway shows from Tuesday through Sunday in the evenings, with Wednesday and Saturday matinees.

What time is power rangers on?

Power Rangers Dino Charge airs at 12 PM Eastern Time on Saturday and at 8 AM Eastern Time on Sunday mornings on Nickelodeon and for an hour at 7 PM Eastern Time on Sundays. Power Rangers Super Megaforce airs for… Full Answer

Which television station airs new movies?

AMC is a television station that airs new and original shows. One show that was very popular from this network was the walking dead and also breaking bad. They a growing viewer base.

What is Chilevision known for?

Chilevision is also known as CHV and is the third oldest television station in Chile. The station was launched in 1960 and mainly airs celebrity gossip shows, talk shows and news.