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What is B2B selling?

B2B is Business to Business. B2B is a kind of e-commerce. On B2B marketplace, there are different products and companies in different areas. On B2B, you can also post your buying leads.

Where is the B2B Marketplace located?

The B2B marketplace is not an entity that could have a physical address. It is a place where businesses market their services to other businesses. It is made through networking and sales.

Who is the world largest b2b portal?

Alibaba The Best B2B in the world until now Globalsources The Best Global Resource website Fibre2fashion World of Garment - Textile - Fashion eQatar Qatar based portal. Ideal for B2B Trading Indiamart, Tradeindian & Esupplier The popular B2B stores in… Full Answer

What is the B2B Hub?

A B2B Hub is an online market place such as where suppliers ,Vendors and clients meet and find potential business partners. Most online market place doesnt enable B2B interactions openly but will have a database of company directory and… Full Answer

Where can one purchase lead software?

A person looking to purchase Lead software can purchase it from some B2B websites that specialize in business services. Some online are Elouka's website, Egrabber and the Sales Force website.

Where can one purchase lead free solder?

You can purchase a lead free solder on Amazon, an online marketplace that sells pretty much anything you can imagine. The price for one on Amazon is very cheap and you can get free shipping on the item as well.

History of online shopping?

Online shopping was invented in the UK in 1979. There are two kinds of online shopping B2B and B2C . These were sold in the UK in the 1980s. The largest B2B was probably Ford's Locate a Car system that… Full Answer