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Do you need glasses to have contacts?

no Unless you are getting colored contacts. If not, then you will need a prescription to get contacts. Most eye doctors want you to have both just in case your eyes get "tired' of wearing contacts.

Where is Clearly Contacts located?

Clearly Contacts claims to offer the best prices on contact lenses and eyeglasses. They are the largest online supplier of contact lenses.They have locations in Canada and New Zealand.

How do you color normal contacts?

It's not normally possible to manually color normal contacts because if there is any leftover wet-ish dye residue at all, you could severely damage your eyes- permanently. If you want colored contacts don't bother using your standard contacts and coloring… Full Answer

How long can you wear contact lenses?

it depends on the type of contacts you buy. there are contacts you wear for just one day, contacts you wear for just one week. contacts that last a month and contacts that last a year. hope that helps ^^,

Are colored contacts for girls?

i dont have contacts but im pretty sure colored contacts r 4 boys ang girls depending on color.=] ARE GREY CONTACTS FOR BOYS? CUZ I WANT EM

Is there a cure for colorblindness?

There is really no cure for total colorblindness. However, serious color deficiencies can be corrected by specially tinted lenses in contacts or eyeglasses.

How can you delte contacts in Skype?

Log into your Skype Account. Right click the Skype contact you want to delete. If you are using an Apple computer, you may need to hold down "Control" and click. Select "Remove from Contacts." Click "OK" to confirm and remove… Full Answer