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Who was the heir in the westing game?

There are sixteen heirs. Turtle Wexler, Angela Wexler, Mrs. Grace Windkloppel Wexler, Dr. Jake Wexler, Dr. Denton Deere, Theo Theodorakis, Chris Theodorakis, Sandy McSouthers, Otis Amber, Berthe Erica Crow, Sydelle Pulaski, Flora Baumbach, Mr. James Shin Hoo, Madame Madame Sun… Full Answer

Who are the westing game heirs?

Sun Lin Hoo Jake Wexler Turtle Wexler Flora Baumbach Christos Theodorskid D. Denton Deere Alexander McSouthers J.J Ford Grace Windsor Wexler James Shin Hoo Berthe Erica Crow Otis Amber Theo Theodorakis Doug Hoo Sydellle Pulaski Angela Wexler

Who are the heirs in the westing game?

The Westing Game heirs are: Angela Wexler Sydelle Pulaski James Hoo Madame Hoo Doug Hoo Chris Theodorakis Theo Theodorakis Grace Wexler Turtle Wexler Jake Wexler Otis Amber Sandy McSouthers Berthe Crow Flora Baumbach J.J. Ford D. Denton Deere