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Dr. Seuss's family members name?

Dr. Seuss' real name was Theodore Geisel; his first wife was Helen Palmer Geisel, and his second wife was Audrey Dimond. He did not have any children.

What was Dr. Seuss's real name?

The writer of the "Dr. Seuss" stories was Theodor Seuss Geisel (1904-1991). He also wrote under the pseudonyms Rosetta Stone and Theo Le Sieg (his last name backwards).

Are barbaloots real?

The brown Bar-ba-loots in their brown barbaloot suits are only real in Dr. Seuss's book and the animated movie, The Lorax.

Who are Dr. Seuss's grandparents?

i would recomend finding his real name first you might be able to look at Dartmeth's website because dr.suess went there then just search it with his real name online His real name is Theodore Seuss Geisel just search him… Full Answer