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Why are containers moved from ship to ship?

They do this for the same reason passenger take two or more planes to reach their final destination. Large ships carrying 4200+ containers transport them across large distance ( Full Answer )
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What is a ship?

A ship is a water-borne vessel larger than a boat, distinguishedfrom a boat usually by being submersible.
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Can you ship a vehicle in a shipping container?

Yes you can, the container method involves loading the vehicle into a container for overseas auto transport. The containers available include a 20 ft. as well as a 40 ft. mode ( Full Answer )
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What is shipping?

Shipping is the process of sending an item from one place to another. There are no restrictions on size or distance for an item to be "shipped". Shipping can cover: Freight ( Full Answer )
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Why was the ship called the unsinkable ship?

The ship was said to be "unsinkable" because it had a revolutionary system of making compartments "water tight". The doors were able to seal out water and contain flooding. Ho ( Full Answer )
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Was the Mayflower ship a slave ship?

YES. Of the passengers on the Mayflower, 12 were white slaves. Between 1609 and the early 1800's, between one-half and two-thirds of all white colonists who came to the New Wo ( Full Answer )
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Does a ship captain steer the ship?

Generally, no. He _could_ - but the Captain of any except the smallest vessels will have a crewman designated to do the steering. He is called the "Helmsman".
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Are Pirate ships viking ships?

No. Although they could both be used for raiding and plunder, they were set in different times and were entirely different kinds of ships. Viking ships (longships) were very ( Full Answer )
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Which shipping is the best shipping in Pokemon?

Opinion 1 - I'm only speaking of the actual storyline from theJapanese creators. In Japan so far, Pearlshipping is the mostpopular followed by Advanceshipping and Negaishippin ( Full Answer )
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The ship that was attacked what is the ships name?

Sunday December 7, 1941. An attack occured on Pearl Harbor called Operation Z or Hawaii Operation. Four U.S. Navy Battleships were sunk (two of which were raised and returned ( Full Answer )
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When is a ship called a ship?

Ships are generally distinguished from boats on the basis of size, shape, load capacity, andtradition. Remember it is only recently that watercraft have beenmechanically pow ( Full Answer )
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What size does a ship have to have to be a ship?

There is no precise size a vessel has to be for it to be called a ship. Generally it is a commercial vessel that carries cargo or passengers. An older definition was 'a ship i ( Full Answer )
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What type of ship does the navy ship?

In Navy naval ship is a ship (or sometimes boat, depending on classification). Naval ships are differentiated from civilian ships by construction and purpose.
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Ship routine - intro to ships?

Can you give more specifics? Military, Commercial, Cargo, Passenger vessel, etc? It will vary greatly as to what type of ruotine you are looking for.
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How does a ship captain navigate a ship?

sometimes by the stars other then that i don't know . Ship captains now use the Global Positioning System (GPS).
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Do you serve in a ship or on a ship?

Naval convention is you serve ' in ' a ship. An occasional exception - spoken or written - in where the ship's name mixes poorly with 'in'. Thus "...had two years in DIDO and ( Full Answer )
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What is mid ship on a cruise ship?

it is the middle of the ship. not the front part of it (forward or FWD), not the back of it (aft).
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What is the Irish for ship?

The irish for ship is bád. But if you're talking about more than one ship it's báid.
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Where is the Rockhopper ship s ship?

there needs to be an event were rockhopper will come then go to the beach and you will see his ship click on his ship and explore!
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Do Irish guards have guns?

The Irish police force, known as the Garda Síochána or informally as the guards, are not armed, with the exception of specialised units. The Irish Guards can also ref ( Full Answer )
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What is ship to ship call?

Today, ship-to-ship communication could be through internet orsimply the telephone (or skype or other means) but in the time ofTitanic, messages were sent either by wireless t ( Full Answer )
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Which ship is called 'The Ship of the Desert'?

Camels are referred to as 'Ships of the Desert' because they move one side's limbs in unison, creating a rhythmic, see-sawing motion for any rider. This is not unlike the perc ( Full Answer )
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Why do you ship oil by ship?

You would ship oil by ship if you had to get it across the ocean. Pipelines have been considered but a pipeline that is large and long enough to transport oil from the middle ( Full Answer )
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How do you ship wholesale shipping supplies?

Shipping wholesale shipping supplies would be done by the Company. They would package them in either large cases or pallets, then send them by freight to their destination.
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What is ships ship routine and construction?

There are many classes of ships that have different routines. There are standard routines that are done to keep everything in order so the ship can run smoothly.Ship construct ( Full Answer )
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Where does adhesive shipping labels ship to?

Adhesive shipping labels can be used on most packages to send them almost anywhere in the world. These labels can be handwritten but are usually printed.
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Was the Mayflower a ship and how long was the ship?

Yes. The Mayflower was the ship that transported the "Pilgrims" toNorth America.. The dimensions of the first Mayflower were 90 feet in length (12 Feet more than a tennis c ( Full Answer )