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What early TV quiz show was sponsored by Phillip Morris?

Phillip Morris Drama . I believe you are referring to the drama Phillip Morris Playhouse, which was sponsored by Philip Morris (Call for Philip MORRRIIISSS). The theme musi ( Full Answer )
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Get a television show on a local channel?

If you pay them enough money, they may broadcast your show. To find out how your local tv station works, read the article link. Hope this helps.
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How does someone get a tv show agent for my television show I am producing?

you should post up some posters on a state bullitun or something and mabe someone will ask where you could find that person so be sure that you leave an address or something s ( Full Answer )
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Was there a TV show You Are There?

Yup, narrated by Walter Cronkite, before he was the CBS nightly news guy. Ran from '53 to '57. The series featured various key events in American and world history, portrayed ( Full Answer )
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How can you be on a TV show?

By applying or showing your talents and maybe someone in show biz will see it and maybe you can be a star.
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Who are the local television announcers for the Milwaukee Bucks?

Jim Paschke is the play-by-play announcer and Jon McGlocklin is the analyst. McGlocklin is also known as "Johnny Mac" from his playing days. He was a member of the inaugural M ( Full Answer )
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When was the first TV show on television?

The first television broadcasts were experimental, low resolution (30 line). The first "real" programme broadcast in 405 line resolution was by the BBC in 1936; broadcasting t ( Full Answer )
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How can you get on a TV show?

If you take acting lessons or are involved in theatre. You can most likely get into an opportunity to try out. You never know you might get in! It really helps if your an adul ( Full Answer )
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Is the Goosebumps TV show still on television?

yes ! Halloween is usually when they started to air. Because of theamount of people who watched them they decided to start airing itagain. Its on Cartoon Network around 430 pm ( Full Answer )
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In some of the commercials for one of the sponsors of the Bonanza TV show what was the specific shape of the brand that is burned into the famous Ponderosa map?

Your on the right track, pardner. it was not really an ad or sponsor for Bonanza but a product directly based on the show and a vehicle they used. The add- for the American Ch ( Full Answer )
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How do you get in a TV show how?

you have to audition for one by finding the location where you would audition and try and find the most you can you can get these by phoning BBC, or other t.v channels for new ( Full Answer )
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Can I be in your TV show?

I'am a boy and I feel in love with you. I'am a boy and I feel in love with you. I'am a boy and I feel in love with you
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What is the cost of local tv ads?

The minimum spend is $500 which would allow you to run 30-40 commercials depending on the cable network, timeslot and zip code you choose. A simple commercial spot will cos ( Full Answer )
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Sponsor what companies are sponsoring this show?

To get sponsored by icanx you must: drop in, kickflip, shove it, olie, manual off stuff. If you cannot do some of this stuff, no worries. you are allowed to skip one thing ent ( Full Answer )
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What do you have to do to get on brainsurge the TV show on TV?

To get on the game show BRAINSURGE, (on Nickelodeon), then this is what you have to do. You have to find out where they host auditions for T.V shows and commercials e.t.c and ( Full Answer )
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How much does it cost to produce a local tv show?

depends of where you live but here some clue to that answer (for every show) -the time that the show is on the air (from a 50 dollars for a middle of the night to 3000 dolla ( Full Answer )
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How do TV shows get onto the TV?

Ultimately, it's all down to money and persuading the right people to take on the show for broadcast. There are many different routes to air but here is a typical example: Fi ( Full Answer )
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How do you get a TV show?

You have to call a TV channel try out's and then you must pay alot of money and you might have your own tv show.
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How do get on a TV show?

Go to a tv stations website and scroll down to the bottom where it says casting calls
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Which TV show is this?

Since Daniel Jackson was in most of the SG1 series I assume the 'worm parasite' episode is among them . See the related link below and comment .
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How can you get your local team sponsored?

Find a company or small business that is willing to pay your club for advertisment. They then can put there name on your kit as a sponsor.
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What is the save local tv campaign about?

Precisely as it sounds, it saves local TV. With all of the cable and satellite subscribers out there, local channels are losing money.
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Why there is no local TV listing in television fanatic for India?

1 VOD 2 CCH 3 OnTV 4 WSPA 5 WLOS 6 WUNF 7 WYFF 8 WYCW 9 WHNS 10 CITY 11 QVC 12 WMYA 13 WGN 14 WGGS 15 CNN 16 FNC 17 msnbc 18 TWC 19 ESPN 20 ESPN2 21 EDUC 22 DISC 23 APL 24 TLC ( Full Answer )
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What are the local TV Stations in Houston?

There are quite a few TV stations in Houston, TX including KPRC, KUHT (owned by the University of Houston), KHOU (by Belo Corporation), KTRK (by ABC), KETH (by TBN) and KTXH ( ( Full Answer )
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What are the two worst tv shows in television history?

This is a subjective question and the answer is going to varydepending on who answers it - let's get some votes going! I've alsoadded some possibilities from websites listing ( Full Answer )
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How do you be on a tv show?

There's many agents that are looking for new stars. All you have do is get connected and search if there are any auditions and see the requirements. You'll need pictures of yo ( Full Answer )