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What dietitan do In hospital?

In the hospital, a dietitian can work in food service, or in clinical services with patients. In food service, the dietitian helps plan the menus so they are nutritionally adequate for all the patients. They can also supervise in the… Full Answer

Origin of Johnny Coat?

A johnny, also called a "johnny coat," "johnny-shirt," "johnny gown" or "hospital johnny," has been called "the great equalizer" because it puts all hospital patients on an equal footing with the staff. Obviously, the gown was originally designed to maximize… Full Answer

What is Master patient index?

A Master patient index card Is a permanent list of all patients whoever been admitted or treated in the hospital or hospital facilities. It may also include data on physicians, other medical staff and facility employees. Full Answer

How can you get bullied in a hospital?

You can easily get bullied in a hospital by staff and other injured people. Basically, getting bullied by staff will mean calling you names, taking the p*** out of you and your injury, making you do stuff which is beyond… Full Answer