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What is the element in group 2 period 2?

the element in group 2 period 2 is Be, or Beryllium. Hope that helps!! That is the group 2 (A) element in the periodic table
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What are 2 groups of simple invertebrates?

Invertebrates are animals without a backbone. Some types of invertebrates are worms, sponges, jellyfish and spiders.
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What are the 2 groups that sculptures are grouped?

They are Categories and Styles. Under Styles there are. Abstract . Realistic . Stylised . Under Categories there are. Architectural . Commemorative . Environmental . ( Full Answer )
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What was the name of the cult group?

My best guess would .be: Temple of the People or Peoples Church, google for more information
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How easy is it to leave the cult group?

What cult group? It depends if you're addicted to it or not. Anything you're addicted to is hard to leave, but you just have to decide you want to and that's it. But, it will ( Full Answer )
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What are the 2 native Canadian groups?

Native, those born in Canada, include many many groups. If you are thinking Aboriginal, there are approx 617 groups, in 50 Nations and those are just the ones who have proven ( Full Answer )
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What were the groups in World War 2?

The groups were the allied and the axis. The allied mainly being America,Russia, Britain. The axis being Germany,Italy ,and Japan.
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When does 'Lie to Me' Season 2 start?

The second season of 'Lie to Me' will be aired in the Fall [Autumn] of 2009...But am I telling the truth and can you tell? . themagician ----- It starts Monday, Sept. 28th a ( Full Answer )
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Is there a group that has 2 boy and 2 girl?

A group that has two boy and two girl? What are you even asking! It's more than one so it is plural; two boys and two girls. Groups? For what? Clarify your question in order f ( Full Answer )
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Why did muslims split into 2 groups?

Answer: They didn't. The Muslims remained together in one group, and a deviant sect broke off and changed the religion into something else which only seems like Islam from t ( Full Answer )
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Watch Lie to you Season 2 Episode 3 online - Where can I Watch Lie to me Season 2 Episode 3 online - Any site to Watch Lie to me Season 2 Episode 3 online - Which site tou recommend to Watch Lie to me?

Watch Lie to you Season 2 Episode 3 online ? . There are many sites where you can Watch Lie to you Season 2 Episode 3 online. . The site I recommend to Watch Lie to you Seas ( Full Answer )
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In World War 2 what 2 groups were there?

Original Answer: mostly Americans and Nazis, Updated: The Americans joined the war on December 8th, 1941 (Pearl Harbour)not gettng to Europe until January 1942. The war com ( Full Answer )
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Which 2 element are in the same groups?

A group in the periodic table fits into a vertical column, so the first column is group 1, the alkali metals, lithium, sodium, potassium etc. They are grouped according to the ( Full Answer )
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How many groups of 2 are there in 8?

There are 4 groups of 2 in 8 (2X4=8, 8/2=4) There are 28 pairs in all the numbers between 1 and 8 (1&2,1&3, etc.)
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What are 2 groups in the civil war?

The Confedracy, the people who slaves not banned, and the Union, the people who want slaves banned
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What is the biggest atom in group 2?

Look for the highest numbered atom in the group: radium. Also barium has an empirical radius similar to the radius of radium: 215 pm.
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What are 2 groups of vitamins?

Two groups of vitamins would be "B vitamins" and "E vitamins." You have vitamins classified as water soluble or fat soluble.
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What is episode 5 season 2 about?

Sonny with a Chance episode 6-"Sonny with a Song", is about a very famous English song writer and singer Trey Brothers. Tawni loves him and wants to go out with him. sonny pre ( Full Answer )
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What are the 2 animal groups?

well in vertebrate which is an animal with a backbone the animal groups are mammals fish birds reptiles amphibians for the invertebrates which is an animal without a backbone ( Full Answer )
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What are 2 groups of primitive primates?

It depends on what you mean by "primitive." The strepsirrhine primates and tarsiers have many traits that are ancestral for primates. However, strepsirrhines have more of thes ( Full Answer )
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What is the 2 group of elements?

The group 2 of elements (alkaline earth metals) in the periodic table of Mendeleev contain beryllium, calcium, magnesium, strontium, barium and radium.
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Will there be season 2 of Valemont episodes?

mtv don't want to do it, but there is a petition, witch the fans are signing for change the mind of mtv. . (sorry my English) .
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Which elements are in group 2?

The elements in group 2 are: . Beryllium (Be). Magnesium (Mg). Calcium (Ca). Strontium (Sr). Barium (Ba). Radium (Ra).
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WHY does calcium belong in group 2?

The periodic table is organized in order of increasing number of electrons. Column-wise, the elements are divided into groups. With the exception of the transition metals in t ( Full Answer )
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How organize plants into 2 groups?

There are several ways you may classify plants into two groups. A few of them are:- Angiosperm and Gymnosperm. Evergreen and deciduous. Hardwood and softwood.
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What 2 groups are cancer placed in?

Your query relates to two basic types- (i) Benign:which simply forms a tumour, which is surrounded by a tough capsule. The surrounding capsule prevents the cancerous cells f ( Full Answer )
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What are the 2 groups of the gospels?

Of the four canonical Gospels - Matthew, Mark and Luke are known as the synoptic gospels because they contain a lot of the stories - in some cases with almost the exact same w ( Full Answer )
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Who are the members of the group 2 Unlimited?

2 Unlimited is a Eurodance group. There are only two members in the group, who are Ray Slinjgaard, who is a rapper, and Anita Roth, who is the singer.
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What are the 2 groups of non-metal?

There are 3 groups of non-metals in which they are : Halogens, Noble Gases and Other nonmetals