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Physics of a trampoline?

The physics in a trampoline are pretty cool I think. You have to bring up Newton's third law that says the an action has an equal and opposite reaction. This is applied as soon as you walk onto a trampoline… Full Answer

What makes a trampoline boncy?

The 'bounce' of a trampoline is generated by the movement of the trampoline springs, situated around the frame of the trampoline and connected to the trampoline bed. The more trampoline springs that a trampoline has, the better bounce the trampoline… Full Answer

What is a trampoline bed?

A trampoline bed or trampoline mat as it also reffered to as is the canvas sheet that you bounce on. The trampoline bed is attached to the springs to create bounce. You can purchase replacement trampoline beds to restore the… Full Answer

Where can one purchase trampoline accessories?

One can purchase trampoline accessories from a variety of retailers. Trampoline USA, Amazon, 1800 Trampoline, eBay, Trampoline Parts Center, Jump Sport among many others carry accessories of all kinds for trampolines. Alternatively, it might be smart to check with the… Full Answer