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Is pause a verb?

The word pause can be used as a verb or noun. It can be used in two contexts. For instance 'there was a pause in the sentence' or 'the boy had to pause after he had been running for hours.'

How do you pause fraps?

You cannot pause Fraps. The closest thing to it you can do is stop recording, then start a new session to 'un-pause' the recording.

How do you pause mcafee?

To pause McAfee, you will want to right click on the small icon in the toolbar. Then choose the pause command. You can also bring up your list of programs, find the McAfee program and open it. Then pause the… Full Answer

What is a dialing pause?

A dialing pause is exactly what it sounds like. It is a brief pause between dialed digits, for example to allow time for a secondary dial tone.