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When was the first color television broadcast?

The very first color television demonstration was in 1928. John Logie Baird, who had first shown off his monochrome television system in 1925 produced a full color version of ( Full Answer )
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When was the first NBA game broadcast?

The first NBA game broadcast occurred on November 1, 1946. The NBAgame played between the New York Knickerbockers and the TorontoHuskies.
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BBC first broadcast?

20 August 1929, First BBC transmission of 30-line experimental television using Baird's studio . 15 March 1932, First broadcast from Broadcasting House
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When was the BBC first broadcasted?

The BBC made its first scheduled radio broadcast on November 14th 1922. It took another three years to offer coverage across most of the UK. It is interesting that the BBC was ( Full Answer )
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The first BBC's first broadcast?

As The British Broadcasting Company, about 1922. As the British Broadcasting Corporation, 1929 when they first began television broadcasts in addition to the existing radio se ( Full Answer )
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When did the BBC start radio broadcasting?

About 1922 as the British Broadcasting Company. In about 1926 it changed to the British Broadcasting Corporation.
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What year did BBC start broadcasting?

The BBC was formed in 1922 to broadcast radio services which it has continued to do to this day. In 1929, it began the first public television broadcasts in the world using J ( Full Answer )
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What dates will spooks season 8 be broadcast in the UK on BBC 1?

Just pulled this off t'internet . Episode 1 Wednesday 4th November 2009 The team is in a state of panic following Harry's kidnapping by FSB agent Viktor Sarkisian. It se ( Full Answer )
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How soon after TV broadcast do shows get put on BBC iPlayer?

Not all programs that are broadcast make it to the iPlayer. Normally, if they do, then they are available very soon after the UK broadcast and will stay there for a few days o ( Full Answer )
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When did BBC first broadcast television in the UK?

The BBC began broadcasting television in 1928 although they were no more than test broadcasts in that year. 1929 saw the first scheduled broadcasts but the schedule was far fr ( Full Answer )
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Which Sri Lankan broadcaster was appointed a BBC Advisor?

The legendary broadcaster Vernon Corea was appointed the BBC's first ever Ethnic Minorities Advisor. He was the first Asian to be appointed to senior management at the British ( Full Answer )
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When was the Lone Ranger broadcast by BBC?

Pretty sure it started on BBC in October or November 1957. I recall pestering my parents to get our first TV so that I could watch the series. We got one in November 1957 and ( Full Answer )
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What f1 races will the BBC broadcast in 2012?

The following races are live on the BBC . 15 April: China . 13 May: Spain . 27 May: Monaco . 24 June: Europe . 8 July: Britain . 2 September: Belgium . 23 Septe ( Full Answer )
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When was BBC 2 first aired?

It started on Monday the 20th of April 1964. It started on Monday the 20th of April 1964. It started on Monday the 20th of April 1964. It started on Monday the 20th of Apri ( Full Answer )
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What news does BBC broadcast for international?

BBC generally prodcasts the major events that happen in the world whether it is in America or whether it is world wide BBC tries to take the most major and important items.
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Where was BBC radio broadcasted?

What became the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) was foundedin London in 1922, as the British Broadcasting Company; itsfounding members were six radio manufacturing comp ( Full Answer )
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Where online can BBC farsi broadcasts be watched?

BBC Farsi Broadcasts can be watched streaming live on their website called BBC Persian online. BBC is a news website reporting the latest popular news broadcasts.
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What frequency is BBC Radio 2 broadcast on?

BBC Radio 2 is broadcast on radio frequencies 88-91 FM. BBC Radio 1 is 97-99 FM. BBC Radio 3 is 90-93 FM. BBC Radio 4 is 92-95 FM. Lastly the BBC Radio 5 frequency is 909/693 ( Full Answer )
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When did Wildlife first air on the BBC?

BBC Wildlife Specials is a series of documentary films, initially produced by the BBC themselves, later outsourced to independent film-makers. The first film in the series, "G ( Full Answer )
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When did BBC radio start broadcasting in Somali?

The BBC Somali Service originally started broadcasting July 18th, 1957. It originally ran two weekly programs that were about 15 minutes long, but switched to daily broadcast ( Full Answer )
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What news does BBC wales Sport broadcast?

BBC Wales Sports delivers current news of popular British/U.K. sports. In modern times, many sports such as rugby, football, cricket, tennis, and golf are year-round news sto ( Full Answer )
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Does the BBC broadcast in Japanese?

i would imagine so, the bbc broadcast all over the world, it is themost powerful broadcast center in the world
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In what year did BBC Radio Kent begin broadcasting?

BBC Radio Kent, the BBC local radio for the English county of Kent, began broadcasting on 18 December 1970. The frequencies are 96.7, 97.6, 104.2, 774 and 1602.
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Where is BBC Broadcasting House located?

The BBC Broadcasting House is located at: Broadcasting House, 25 Ormeau Avenue , Belfast County, Antrim. BT2 8HQ. United Kingdom. Telephone number: +44 28 9033 8000.
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When was BBC RADIO 1 first broadcast?

On Saturday the 30th of September 1967. The first DJ (TonyBlackburn) opened his show with the song "Flowers in the Rain" by'The Move'.