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Who is Thomas the Tank Engine?

Thomas is a blue talking train engine who is very popular andwell-known with toddlers and young children. He teaches kidsimportant lessons about manners, friends, and loyalty. ( Full Answer )
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Who is the narrator on Thomas the tank engine?

Lots of people have been narrators throughout this series. The first "guest appearance" was made in the earlier seasons by Ringo Starr. This was followed by Readings by Michae ( Full Answer )
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Where does Thomas the Tank Engine live?

He lives at Tidmouth Sheds, which belongs on the Island of Sodor, but also in the hearts and minds of The Reverend Awdry and many other fans.
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Why was 'Thomas the Tank Engine' created?

The Rev Awdry was busy looking after his young son Christopher whenhe was unwell with measles and was trying to make him feel betterand came up with the story of Gordon, Henry ( Full Answer )
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When was Thomas the Tank Engine invented?

Thomas wasn't originally in the first book which was created in1945 but he came in the second book in 1946 and later in 1984 Brittalcroft made all the characters into a TV ser ( Full Answer )
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How old is Thomas the Tank Engine?

Thomas was first published in March 1946 as part of The Railway Series . The TV show, Thomas and Friends first aired in theU.K. in 1984
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What does thomas the tank engine eat?

Thomas the tank engine eats coal! of course he does - there's all different types of coal - his favourite it black gang goal - it originates from Black Gang Chime in The Isle ( Full Answer )
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How was thomas the tank engine made?

first ones were model trains but then they got new CGI andruined the sersis . +++ . The first were not physical models but characters in a series ofbooks written by the Rev. ( Full Answer )
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Who did the voices of Thomas the Tank Engine?

Ringo Starr narrated Season 1 and Season 2 for both British and American audiences. After he left, George Carlin narrated Seasons 3 and 4 for American audiences and also re-na ( Full Answer )
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Who are the two red engines in Thomas the Tank Engine?

The main one in the TV series alone is a character called James. In the RWS, he was formerly black with red stripes, in his old livery; before being re-painted in red with bla ( Full Answer )
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What is Thomas the tank engine?

Thomas the Tank Engine is the lead character of this show. He is a blue tank engine who lives with his friends on the Island of Sodor. According to Wikipedia, he was built in ( Full Answer )
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Other engines in thomas the tank engine series?

James Edward Gordon Percy Henry Rheneas Scarlloey Toby Emily Salty Diesel Mavis Hiro Bash Dash Ferdinand Spencer Stanley Thomas Rosie Rocky Charley Bill Ben Bert Bernie
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Was Ringo Starr on thomas the tank engine?

Yes he did but the old version I know cause my little bro has Thomas the tank engine James learns a lesson and if u play all stories it's says narrated by ring Starr
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Is there a girl in Thomas the tank engine?

There are several! Emily is a big green engine with a tender, andshe shows up quite a bit. There are also Molly (yellow engine),Elizabeth (a truck), Mavis (diesel engine and a ( Full Answer )
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What is the scariest thomas the tank engine episode?

Ghost Train narrated by Ringo Starr. Where Percy crashes into a cart of Lime and is covered in the powder and fools Thomas into thinking he's a ghost.
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Why is thomas called a tank engine?

A tank engine is a steam engine which carries its fuel (coal,oil,etc) and its water on its frame instead of a seperate tender. There are many varieties such as a side tank whi ( Full Answer )
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Who is the creator of Thomas The Tank Engine?

The original creator of the book Thomas the Tank Engine is Reverend Wilbert Awdry, and his son. The books became very popular and a TV show was developed for the Train engine ( Full Answer )
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Where can one purchase a Thomas the Tank Engine train table?

If you prefer to shop online then amazon is the best website to go to for Thomas The Tank Engine stuff. They have many items to choose from in this category. If you want a w ( Full Answer )
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When was the show Thomas the Tank Engine made?

Thomas the Tank Engine was first aired on the British ITV network on September 4, 1984. It made it 's first debut in America in 1989 on the PBS station.
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What is the origin of Thomas the Tank Engine?

Thomas the Tank Engine was first wrote about in 1946 by the two brothers Wilbert Awdry and Christopher Awdry in the first series of Thomas the Tank Engine books.
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Where can one get books of Thomas the Tank Engine?

Amazon is a great place to purchase books about Thomas the Tank Engine. Another great source would be to go to a local bookstore such as Barnes and Noble.