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What is situational planning?

Situational planning is being prepared for events based on specificcircumstances. It ensures that should something occur, everyonewill be ready.
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Who reports to the chief operating officer?

Every department head and sometimes the president and vicepresident of a corporation report to the CEO. The CEO makes allfinal decisions regarding the company.
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Who pays when police report does not assign blame?

the police will never assign a blame in case of an accident. they simply write down the two involved persons staements. Only then are the police reports sent to the insurance ( Full Answer )
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How do you report the chief of police?

For good conduct (unlikely I'm assuming if your asking the question); Probbly to the Mayor's Office. For Criminal Conduct: To your local Sheriff's Office or to the State Poli ( Full Answer )
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Definition of chief reporter?

The official head of the reporting department is called Chief reporter.He is the one who allots work for the other reporters according to their skill,ability and kind of work ( Full Answer )
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Current situation of the United Nations?

The United Nations is an organisation in need of reform. It is paralysed by the veto of the permanent members of the Security Council. However, despite this it performs inva ( Full Answer )
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Who is a famous situational leader?

New CEO of Seylan Bank: Mr. Eastman Naragoda. The only bank who had a great come bank after such crisis. Check out the case study : 2009 annual report of Seylan bank.
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Who does a situation unit leader report to?

A situation unit leader reports to the plan's section chief. Theplan's section chief will in turn report to the incident commander.
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Situation unit leader reports to?

The situation unit leader reports to their planning section chieffor situation briefings. The SUL prepares for future projections ofincident growth, maps, and intelligence inf ( Full Answer )
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What units were assigned to 43rd MASH?

This is a bit confusing. The 43rd was the unit. It was composed of 100 soldiers, who serviced a 36 bed mobile medical unit, and I do not find any reference to any subordin ( Full Answer )
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Did the inuit have a chief or a leader?

The National Inuit Leader in Canada is Mary Simon, president of Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami, the national Inuit organization in Canada.
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What does the operation section chief do?

In the ICS, the OpsSecChief is responsible for managing thepriorities of the incident team, their activities and the safety ofall personnel in the area. They also prepare the ( Full Answer )
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My son died how do you find out what units he was assigned to?

First, my condolences - though all of us Veterans know what price we could pay, we also realize that no parent should have to outlive their kids. Since you're a direct relati ( Full Answer )
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Who was the Iroquois chief or tribal leader?

The six Iroquois tribes (Onondaga, Oneida, Seneca, Cayuga, Mohawk and Tuscarora), each had many chiefs. There was never a chief of all the Iroquois.
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How was the situation before the anaconda plan?

The long-term Anaconda Plan was the one put forward at the outbreak of war by the General-in-Chief of the US Armies, the elderly Winfield Scott. It was ridiculed at that time, ( Full Answer )
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Section 79 plans?

The dangers of being "listed" A warning for 419, 412i, Sec.79 and captive insurance Accounting Today: October 25, 2010 By: Lance Wallach Taxpayers who previously ( Full Answer )
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Where are the United Nations Headquarters situated?

In New York City, after a lot of urging from the US. Later, many wished it were somewhere , I think, since many dangerous people can enter the US under the aegis of UN diploma ( Full Answer )
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What is situational report?

a report giving the situation in the area of a reporting unit or formation. also called SITREP.
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What are reportable situations?

Extensive copying of classified material . Unaccompanied, repeat work outside of normal duty hours . Unauthorized attempts to bypass security functions . Contact for any re ( Full Answer )
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What is the list of reportable situations?

Extensive copying of classified material Unaccompanied, repeated work outside of normal duty hours Unauthorized attempts to bypass security functions Contact for any reason, o ( Full Answer )
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Was chief Pontiac's plan successful?

Chief Pontiac's plan of an uprising was not successful because theBritish found out about it beforehand.
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Which situations should be reported?

Contact with foreign diplomatic offices for other than officialduties . Unauthorized attempts to bypass automated information systemsecurity devices
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Do you have report a felon to section 8?

Normally, just because one is a felon doesn't mean they disqualify for a voucher or Public Housing. However, this depends on the regulations set forth by the Public Housing Au ( Full Answer )
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How do you report someone on section 8?

Report what,? To report any kind of fraudulent activity, call the housing authority that the family is with (many jurisdictions are handled by more than one Housing Authority) ( Full Answer )
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How Do You Write a Report For Research Assignment?

Hire professional Writers for Your HomeworkAssignment at Research My Assignment, It's a place wherescholars can get help with their research projects, like reportwriting , ( Full Answer )
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What is Operations Section Chief is responsible for?

Operations Section Chief: The Section Chief is responsible toIncident Command for the direct management of all incident-relatedtactical activities. The Operations Section Chie ( Full Answer )