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What about the holy book of Muslims?

The holy book of Muslims is called Quran. Quran is real God revelation to prophet Muhammad (PBUH) through the angel Gabriel (Jibril). Refer to questions below for more information on Quran.

Which animal that Allah created first?

Fish... _____________________________________________________ Nothing is mentioned in Quran; Muslims holy book; that assures which animal is created first by Allah.

Whose holy book is the Qur'an?

Muslims (followers of Islam religion per God revelation of Quran holy book to prophet Muhammad PBUH) The Koran, usually spelled Quran or Qur'an, is the holy text of Islam.

What is the holy Bible used for Islam?

The holy book for Christianity religion is the bible. The holy book for Islam religion is Quran Quran may be spelled Qura'n, Quraan, Kuran, Kura'n, Kuraan, Koran, Kora'n, or Koraan. -ELO-

How do Muslims treat the holy book?

Muslims believe in their holy book Quran and believe that Quran is authentic and truly reflecting God (Allah) words without single letter alteration or falsification. Consequently: They don't hold the book for reciting or memorizing, they should be on valid… Full Answer