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How do you take reel off fishing rod?

Onmostfishing rods (spinning rods) the the reel isattachedto the rod through the reel seat. At the top of the reel (where the reel joins the rod) you will see the foot of the reel being held held on onto the…

How is a fishing rod a fixed pulley?

Not the rod, but the reel. The reel is fixed at one location on the rod. It winds the fishing line around the spindle of the reel as you "reel it in".

What is reel to reel?

A tape or movie strip moves from one reel where it's stored to another reel past a reading head and in doing so enables us to know what's on the tape or movie. An example of a reel to reel…

What is quantum baitcasting?

Quantum baitcasting is a specific technique that involves the use of an applicable reel - such as the Quantum EXO Baitcast Reel. This type of reel claims to be lighter and just as durable as a standard reel.