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Where are your joints located?

You have joints in your spine, neck, knees, ankles, toes, wrists, elbows, and fingers. You joints are located in your knee and arms and neck!

What are the northeast 4 mountains?

Body parts are basically parts of your body like arms, legs, fingers toes, etc. I'm no scientist, but these are body parts i do know: arms legs fingers toes eyes nose ears head finger nails toe nails belly button neck… Full Answer

Where do people wear rings?

Rings can be worn on:- Fingers Toes Ears Noses Lips Nipples Parts of the male genitalia Ring shaped jewelry worn on other parts of the body - arms, legs, torso, neck head etc - are given other names.

How do you arouse a women?

Find her "spot" like kiss her neck he ears trail your kisses down to her chest but dont go too far until she is ready. Gentaly run your fingers up her arm.

How do you get a stiff neck gone?

You can ease the stiff neck by applying a Hot compress direct to the base of the neck, and then gently massage the neck from top going downward.