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Where is the serial number on a model 60 shotgun?

Answer . If it was made before 1968 it may not have one. If it was made later than that, it should be easily found without disassembing anything.
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Where is the serial number on the Model 335?

The serial number is located on the receiver under the breech-end of the barrels, and it should also be on the iron for the forestock. I know this because I just had one bro-u ( Full Answer )
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Where is the serial number on a Model 94?

Answer . It should be on the lower tang, under the lever. On some of the very early models, it may be on the upper tang.
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Need instruction manual for Kenmore dishwasher?

Kenmore Dishwasher Instruction Manual . Without additional information such as make/model, the recommendation is to contact Kenmore/Sears: ( Full Answer )
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What model is it serial number 73422?

You will have to go to and search all the serial numbers listed under all the models under customer service to find out.
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Where is Model 55 serial number?

Which version... the centerfire model or the .22 rimfire model? There is no serial number on the rimfire model 55. It was made prior to the requirement in 1968.
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How do you find model number of a Bach trombone with the serial number?

I would like to know how I can be sure that the bell and the slide are the original combination. I bought an old Bach 12. Engraved in the slide is 3623 Model 12. The Bell says ( Full Answer )
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Is 645 the range of numbers from 655 to 665?

no, because range is the difference of the highest limit and lowest limit,therefore 665-655 is equal to 10 and not 645..........
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Is this a real number 404 665 3410?

Mathematically Yes 404 655 3410 can be considered a real number. although the normal convention of writing numbers is a space or comma every three figures. ie 4 046 653 410 ( Full Answer )
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What two numbers can be multiplied to 665?

This has an infinity of solutions: 1 x 665, 2 x 332.5, -1 x -665, etc. If you want integers, since the number ends with 5, it is obvious that 5 is one of the factors.
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Where is the model number on a bosch dishwasher?

1 Open the dishwasher door. Look on the right side edge of the door as you are facing it. You will see a rectangular plaque that contains information about the machine. Yo ( Full Answer )