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Where did your last name Swiss come from?

We think it comes from the shoes, 'K Swiss'. Sorry, no cigar this time... The shoe company 'K Swiss' was formed in 1966. Conversely, the German surname Swiss is actually a topographically-oriented name, given to persons living near stream, hill… Full Answer

How old is the name Caroline?

According to the website linked below, entitled "What does my name Caroline mean? - Blurtit", the name Caroline is from Old German. According to the Wikipedia link below, Old German is also known as Old High German, and was spoken… Full Answer

When did Swiss cheese get its name?

Swiss cheese gets its name from Switzerland, where it is produced. It isn't possible to pinpoint exactly when cheeses such as Gruyere and similar cheeses with holes, made in Switzerland, first gained the name 'Swiss cheese'. Full Answer