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Who goes to American summer camp?

American summer camps are attended by many people, mostly children. Most camps are aimed at children with specific areas of interest, for example music camp, band camp, or soccer camp. There are also specific camps for children who have had… Full Answer

What is camp America?

It's a chance to do something different with your summer and spend it in the US of A; living and working either with children as an activity leader/counselor or behind the scenes as support staff, on an American Summer Camp.

What is Camp Farwell's motto?

Camp Farwell's motto is 'Camp Farwell is the first girls summer camp in Vermont, the first girls summer camp in New England and the first girls summer camp in the United States!'.

Which is the most popular sumer camp?

Depending on what kind of summer camp you are looking for, and how old you are, the ost recongized summer camp are the music summer camps. THere are many summer camps that are free and fun.

Is summer camp a noun?

Yes, "summer camp" is a compound noun, in which camp is a noun and summer is an adjective that describes what kind of camp it is. A compound noun is a word made up of two or more words that… Full Answer