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Do Nike use child labour?

Yes, it actually has been reported that both Nike and Adidas with other big and well known companies actually use child labour to of course earn more money, with the kids earning only a little bit of money. They have… Full Answer

Why do countries use child labor?

Normally it is large TNCs (Trans National Corporations - companies that work across multiple countries) that use child labour. It is because it is cheap and there aren't laws against it in that country - or there are loop holes.

Does Canada have child labour?

In Canada there is no child labour, but we do have stuff and things that are made by child labour, for example:clothing, food, shoes some are made by child labour.

What things do child labor make?

When you are forced into child labour, you are usually forced to make different things, things such as, Carpet, Food containers, clothing. Most companies use children to make there things, and they are usually only paid about 5 cents an… Full Answer

Does puma use child labor?

Yes, they do because there "weed" sweaters were made by 6 year olds. They beat kids and called them dogs if they wouldnt do it right and nike there slogan is just do it but to there kids they say… Full Answer

What is the Definition of child labour?

child labour is just forced to work against their will to support the family economically the definition of child labour is when a child is forced to work for little or no money. its mean.

Which shops use child labor?

I definitely know Primark do, that's why they are so cheap, and Gap used to and are trying to stop it. Sorry I don't know anything other than that-I wasn't asking on Wiki Answers but going on Google, but I… Full Answer