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What is a longitutional wave?

A wave is some sort of disturbance, which propagates through matter or space. If the disturbance is along the direction of the propagation (of the wave movement), the wave is said to be longitudinal. If the disturbance is at a… Full Answer

What is axial direction in wood?

Axial direction in wood means its longitudinal direction (the height of the tree when it was growing). Engineers look at this as the direction that cylinder spins on its axis, if log were a roller, the axial direct ion would… Full Answer

What is a aileron?

AILERONS-Primary flight control surfaces mounted on the trailing edge of an airplane wing, near the tip. Ailerons control roll about the longitudinal axis.

What is rise in geometry?

It is movement in the vertical direction. In 2-dimensional analytical geometry, it is the distance in the direction parallel to the y-axis.