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What is ou?

Organization Unit is a container object in which you can keep objects such as user accounts, groups, computer, printer . applications and other (OU). In organization unit you can assign specific permission to the user's. organization unit can also be… Full Answer

Why was Pandora created?

Pandora states in their website's About page the services main mission is to allow the user to create a station that plays the music they love.

How do you create new user?

to create a new user account in win xp, you go to the control panel of the computer and sellect user accounts, then you add a new account by clicking on add user account

What is polyoxyalkylene?

Polyoxyalkylenes are a group of polymers or oligomers with a repeating unit of -(CxHyO)- structure. The simplest version of these compounds is PEO (polyethyleneoxide) which has a repeating unit structure of (-(CH2CH2O)-. The main chain of these materials could be… Full Answer