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How are Ethernet cables made?

Ethernet cables are made from cat5e cable. This cable is designed for carrying signals and is commonly used in networking. It is made up of several multicolored wires which carry the signal. This cable must have Ethernet Connectors on both… Full Answer

How cable internet works?

Cable internet works by transmitting signals and information via the same coaxial cables that cable television uses. The transmission is sent through a designated television channel that is managed by the cable provider. The signal is received by a cable… Full Answer

Where can one buy a 25ft HDMI cable?

One can buy a 25ft HDMI cable from such online stores as 'Amazon' within their departments of 'Electronics & Photo - HDMI Cables', 'Computers & Accessories', and 'PC & Video Games'. Alternatively, high street stores such as PC World also… Full Answer