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What does strcmp do in P hp?

"strcmp" accepts two strings and compares them, returning a positive or negative number representing the difference between their first differing characters. for example: strcmp('abc', 'abc'); // returns 0 strcmp('abc', 'abd'); // returns -1 strcmp('abc', 'abb'); // returns 1 strcmp('abc', 'tnthdaou')… Full Answer

What are the examples of equal set?

Two sets are equal if they contain the same identical elements. If two sets have only the same number of elements, then the two sets are One-to-One correspondence. Equal sets are One-to-One correspondence but correspondence sets are not always equal… Full Answer

Angle Addition Postulate?

It's very similar to the Segment Addition Postulate. m<ABC=m<ABD + m<DBC. An angle is a figure that's formed by two rays with a common endpoint called a vertex. (the vertex will always be in the center of your angle). Ex… Full Answer