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If you order someone to murder someone do you get charged with murder?

Yes, now a day if you have anything to do with the murder of that person, it is possible you could do more time then the actual murderer. If the murderer rats you out den your ( Full Answer )
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The Morrison Murders who was the killer?

Although "The Morrison murders" was based on a true story, the names were changed. Luke Morrison was the murderer in the movie but his real name was Jason "Hunter" Culverhouse ( Full Answer )
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Where can you get Midsomer Murders episodes?

Midsomer Murder's boxsets are available from all good DVD shops (and some bad ones). These have 10 discs (one episode per disc). You can also buy individual episodes too. ( Full Answer )
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Was Gertrude involved in Hamlets murder?

The book doesn't give you a definite answer. It is up to the reader to decide given what you read and interpret
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Is there a TV show about the laurie show murder?

Laura was a film-noir crime drama made, I believe during the War ( World War II) It is not military-oriented but is a crime drama about a detective investigating the murder of ( Full Answer )
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Who was involved in the Texas Chainsaw Murders?

There is no such thing as the Texas Chainsaw Murders. Despite the disclaimer at the beginning of the original film, which touts the movie as " account of a tragedy which ( Full Answer )
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What do you do if you murdered someone?

Murder/homicide implies pre-meditation (i.e.: pre-planning), unless you actually mean Manslaugher (an un-premediated or acidental killing). All in all, generally speaking, the ( Full Answer )
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Is a dog killer a dog murderer?

No. This sounds to me like you speak Spanish or at least that English is your second language. In English when you kill a regular person, you are known as a killer. HOWEVER, ( Full Answer )
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Can someone recommend a online multiplayer murder mystery game preferably in a 3D world?

One perfect example is The Ship, basically its exactly what you asked for, an open 3D multilayer murder mystery. Available for 20 dollars on Steam. Also check out Spy Party, ( Full Answer )
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Does homeowners insurance cover murder?

No. Homeowners insurance is "Property" coverage. Murder is a criminal offense and is not a covered peril under a home's property hazard insurance policy. Homeowners insurance ( Full Answer )
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Where can one find episodes of the TV show One on One?

Full episodes may not be available online. But one would try to find them on the site Hulu which features popular TV shows that are on TV now. As well as any electronic store ( Full Answer )
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Where can one watch TV shows online for free?

To find TV shows to watch online depends on what type of show and the original broadcast date. Many channels have an online catch up or demand websites where you can watch fre ( Full Answer )
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Where can one watch free TV shows online?

Free TV shows can be watched online at YouTube, Daily Motion, Hulu, Veoh, Side Reel, TV Muse, Watch Series Online, Tudou, Cast TV, TV Duck and Project Free TV.
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Who starred in the TV series Blue Murder?

That particular television series featured actors such as Carolyn Quentin and Ian Kelsey. It also has Saskia Wickham and Paul Lougran supporting them. It was a clever and inte ( Full Answer )
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Where can one find TV episodes online?

One can find TV episodes online through Netflix or by downloading shows to watch through iTunes. Another option would be to visit a site that hosts free TV episodes such as TV ( Full Answer )
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Where can one stream Scrubs episodes online?

One can stream Scrubs episodes online on the website Youtube. A dedicated agent will be happy to help you find more information on their official website.
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Where can one live stream TV from?

You can live stream TV from an Orb appliance. You can purchase Orb compatible appliances online from companies such as Pinnacle. You can also purchase Pinnacle items online at ( Full Answer )
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Where can one watch TV shows for free online?

In the UK, Channel 4oD offers on demand TV shows. Comedy TV shows that can be watched online for free include 8 out of 10 cats, The Big Bang Theory, Made in Chelsea, Hollyoaks ( Full Answer )
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Where can one watch television episodes online?

There are several options where you can watch television episodes online. You can go directly to the website of the network the show you want to watch airs on or you can use a ( Full Answer )
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Where can someone watch the TV show Survivor online?

There are many website online where you can watch television programmes. You can try the website for the channel which originally aired the programme, which in this case is CB ( Full Answer )
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Where can one watch Anatomy of a Murder online?

One can watch the movie online on one of the countless streaming websites. Some examples are Vodly, Alluc, I Wanna Watch, YouTube and Watch Movies Online.
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Where can one find the Unit TV show CBS online?

One can find the Unit TV show CBS online in CBS's official online website. In addition, video providers such as Youtube or Hulu might have the Unit TV show CBS.
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What is the cost for streaming TV shows?

It depends which streaming site you use. Hulu costs between $8 to $12 a month. Netflix costs $8 a month. Amazon Prime costs $99 a year.