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Why is parshad given?

parshad are given for the indian. parshad means a god bless food when yougo to the temple of india there will be given parshad after aarti and bhajan

What is Beyonce's Favourite sport?

Beyonce facts Favourite colour:gold Favourite car:jaguar antique Favourite sport:swimming Favourite city:Houston born:Houston,Texas D.O.B:4th September 1982 D.O.B

What are you Kiss favorite colors?

Eli’s favourite colour is purple. DongHo’s favourite colour is pink. Kevin’s favourite colour is blue. Kiseop’s favourite colour is black. Soohyun’s favourite colour is red. AJ’s favourite colour is blue. Hoon hasn't told us what his favourite colour is yet

What is Rihanna's favorite movie?

Favourite Colour- Green Favourite Movie- Borat or Napoleon Dynamite Favourite Actors- Terrace Howard and Denzel Washington Favourite Actresses- Jessica Alba and Halle Berry Favourite Rapper- Kanye West Favourite Dessert- Cheesecake or Chocolate Icecream Favourite TV show- Entourage Hope that helps… Full Answer

What is the German translation of favorite?

Depending on context, favourite can be translated as: Lieblings- my favourite colour = meine Lieblingsfarbe favourite sport = Lieblingssport -liebling crowd favourite = Publikumsliebling Leib- favourite food = Leibspeise, Leibgericht Liebling Favorit Günstling