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What is flappy bird?

Is a 2D game where you have to have your character (a bird), go through tubes (there is no end to this game).

Why was flappy bird deleted?

The Iphone/Ipad game: "Flappy Bird" was deleted because of its increasing popularity. The owner was getting so popular, he couldn't take it anymore. So, he deleted it!

Why is flappy birds so popular?

FLAPPY BIRDS is a game of attention,skill and is very addicting. If one person plays it, and shows thier friend, they down load it happens again again. If the creator made it $0.99, he would be a millionaire...

Is there such a thing as a flappy unicorn?

Flappy unicorns can be found in South Poduck, australia. Of course there are regular unicorns in west asia, but flappy unicorns are rare. considering, they have no bones. I suggest researching on Google. I heard they sell for around $300… Full Answer