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What is Early Childhood Education?

Early Childhood Education Early Childhood Education (ECE) is the study of infancy through to the preschool period. Graduates of ECE programs are knowledgeable in creating early learning environments that support positive development.

What has the author Jeanne M Machado written?

Jeanne M. Machado has written: 'Student teaching' -- subject(s): Lesson planning, Curricula, Early childhood education, Student teaching, Handbooks, manuals 'Early childhood practicum guide' -- subject(s): Early childhood education, Preschool Education, Student teaching, Lesson planning, Curricula, Handbooks, manuals 'Early childhood experiences… Full Answer

What has the author Dominic F Gullo written?

Dominic F. Gullo has written: 'Developmentally appropriate teaching in early childhood' -- subject(s): Child development, Curricula, Early childhood education, Evaluation, Parent participation 'Understanding assessment and evaluation in early childhood education' -- subject(s): Early childhood education, Educational tests and measurements, Evaluation

What has the author Pam Jarvis written?

Pam Jarvis has written: 'The early years professional's complete companion' -- subject(s): Early childhood education, Early childhood teachers, Professional relationships, Handbooks, manuals 'Research in the early years' -- subject(s): Child development, Early childhood education, Methodology, Research

What has the author Olivia N Saracho written?

Olivia N. Saracho has written: 'Handbook of research on the education of young children' -- subject(s): Child development, Curricula, Early childhood education, Research 'Contemporary Perspectives on Language Policy and Literacy Instruction in Early Childhood Education (HC) (Contemporary Perspectives in Early… Full Answer