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What has the author John E Gedo written?

John E. Gedo has written: 'The biology of clinical encounters' -- subject(s): Psychoanalysis, Psychobiology 'The languages of psychoanalysis' -- subject(s): Psychotherapist and patient, Semiotics, Psychoanalysis, Interpersonal communication 'Psychoanalysis and Is Discontents' 'Beyond interpretation' -- subject(s): Case studies, Psychoanalysis, Psychoanalytic Theory… Full Answer

What has the author Louis Fraiberg written?

Louis Fraiberg has written: 'Psychoanalysis & American literary criticism' -- subject(s): American literature, Criticism, History and criticism, Psychoanalysis, Psychoanalysis and literature, Psychoanalysis in literature, Psychological aspects, Psychological aspects of American literature, United States

What has the author Marshall Edelson written?

Marshall Edelson has written: 'Language and interpretationin psychoanalysis' -- subject(s): Psychoanalysis, Psycholinguistics 'Hypothesis and evidence in psychoanalysis' -- subject(s): Psychoanalysis, Recherche, Psychanalyse, Psychoanalytic Theory, Research 'Sociotherapy and psychotherapy' -- subject(s): Psychiatric hospitals, Psychotherapy, Sociological aspects, Sociological aspects of Psychiatric hospitals

What has the author Mikkel Borch-Jacobsen written?

Mikkel Borch-Jacobsen has written: 'The Freud files' -- subject(s): Psychoanalysis, PSYCHOLOGY / Mental Health, History, Historiography 'The emotional tie' -- subject(s): Hypnosis, Psychotherapy, Philosophy, Psychoanalysis, Identification (Psychology), Psychoanalytic Theory 'Remembering Anna O' -- subject(s): Psychoanalysis, History 'Le dossier Freud'… Full Answer