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Are there yak's in Asia?

The yak is found in some parts of Asia. There are two types of yak, the domestic and wild yak. The wild yak is much bigger than the domestic yak. The yak is a cold climate animal and travels in… Full Answer

Why is a yak named a yak?

In the Tibetan language, yak is pronounced as "yag"; although in that form, it usually applies to the yak bull - with dri the equivalent Tibetan term for the female yak. Other languages follow this name closely. This use of… Full Answer

How does a yak eat?

? How does a yak eat? Uh.. Be more specif. Like a yak eats grass with its mouth.. I sorry, i dont know what you mean :\ . Full Answer

Is a Yak a person place or thing?

A yak is an animal. I suppose you're looking for the answer "thing", although that would technically be incorrect because "thing" implies an object, not a living creature. It is a long-haired bovine which is primary found in the Himalayas… Full Answer