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How old is Kay Arthur?

Here is the address to a website for an article posted in November of 2008 in which Kay Arthur's 75th birthday celebration was reported:

What are excuses to being busy?

Good excuses for being busy are those that you wouldn't be able to get out of and that you can back up. A few include: - A close friend's birthday celebration - Pet/ house sitting for someone - Scheduled vet… Full Answer

What is All Saints Day?

All Saint's Day is the celebration of all the dead who are in Heaven with God, especially those who are unknown. It is observed on November 1 each year.

What is post birthday celebration?

Its a birthday that is celebrated after the real birthday, for example, your birthday is on March 17 and you celebrate it on the 20 of March it is a post birthday celebration. Post technically means after. Hope that helped… Full Answer

What is akharat?

Akharat is eternal life hereafter divided into Hell or Heaven. Those who did good deeds here will go for ever to heaven (Paradise) and those who did bad things would live for ever in Hell (Fire). Allah SWAT will decide… Full Answer