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Who was the mother of Mary?

Anne If you are referring to the Blessed Virgin Mary, her mother was Saint Anne and her father Saint Joachim.
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How do you declare your daughter an unfit mother?

If you daughter is not feeding her child, not keeping up with the child's hygiene, leaving her child in unfit conditions (her home that's is filthy) has a history of substance ( Full Answer )
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How is Mary the Mother of the Church?

Pope Paul IV officially declared Mary to be the Mother of theChurch for several reasons. People believe her to not only be themother of Jesus, but also of the faithful. Before ( Full Answer )
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Who was the mother of Mary the mother of Jesus?

Mary's mother was St Anne, who was married to St Joachim. Thecouple had Mary at a late stage in life, after Anne prayed to God.The names are not found in the Bible but are fou ( Full Answer )
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Who is the mother of Mary?

The mother of the Blessed Virgin Mary was St. Anne and her father was St. Joachim.
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Who was marys mother?

Catherine of Aragon. She was the only surviving child of her mother and Henry VIII
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When was Mary declared a saint?

The Blessed Virgin Mary was a pre-congregational saint. In other words, she was declared a saint by popular acclaim of the very early Christian community long before the offic ( Full Answer )
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Did Mother Teresa meet Mother Mary?

She may have heard the voice of Mary, just as she heard the VoiceOf Christ, when He Said to "Come be my light."
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Why is Mother Mary full of grace?

Our Blessed Mother, Mary is full of grace for many reasons. Of all humans after the Fall from grace of Adam and Eve, Mary alone was the only person born without the stain of o ( Full Answer )
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Is Mary the mother of John also Mary the mother of Jesus?

The Gospels refer to the brothers of Jesus as James, Joses, Simonand Judas, and that he had sisters. So, Mary the mother of Johnwould not be the mother of Jesus. John Mark, wh ( Full Answer )
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When was jesus declared divine by catholic church?

Jesus wasn't declared 'divine' by the Catholic Church because there was no need to. Jesus was predicted in the Old Testament prophets to be divine ( Isaiah called him Emmanue ( Full Answer )
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Which pope declared Mary as the 'Mother of the Church'?

Mary was declared 'mother of the church' "Theotokos" during the Council of Ephesus in the year 431. She was also called 'the Mother of Jesus' during the Wedding at Cana found ( Full Answer )
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Do the Protestants believe in Mother Mary?

Yes! some of them especially the Evangelical Lutheran believe also the identity of Mary as mother of God. However, most protestants believe that the unBiblical traditions ( Full Answer )
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Is Saint Anne the mother of Mary?

Anne (Ann, Anna, Hannah) (1st century), mother of the Blessed Virgin Mary. No historical details of her life are known. She was first mentioned by name in the apocryphal gospe ( Full Answer )
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Where was Mary the mother of Jesus buried?

Mary's tomb is in Jerusalem and another in Ephesus, but she is notburied in either, as her body was assumed into heaven after herdeath, like Jesus, so her tomb is empty. It is ( Full Answer )
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Was Jesus Mother Mary black?

Jesus' mother Mary was Jewish. While it is not impossible that she might be black the Israelites were not a black race and there is no reason to think Mary was black.
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Who was the mother of Saint Anne the mother of Mary?

The Catholic Encyclopedia gives the following information: A 16th century priest Fr. John of Eck of Ingolstadt, in a sermon on St. Anne (published at Paris in 1579), refers ( Full Answer )
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What are facts about Mary the mother of God?

Mary was born without original sin. Mary said yes to God to be the Mother of Jesus Christ. Mary is our Mother in Faith and our Spiritual Mother. Catholic Answer There are fou ( Full Answer )
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Is Mary Magdalene Jesus' mother?

No. Mary Magdalene was a follower of Jesus Christ (Luke 8:2) Mary was a very common name at the time of Jesus in Israel and to add to the confusion a number of women surrou ( Full Answer )
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Was Mary queen of Scots a mother?

Mary, Queen of Scots (1542 - 1587) was the mother of James VI of Scotland (later James I of England) by her second husband, Lord Henry Darnley.
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What does hail Mary full of grace mean?

The angel Gabriel said that phrase because the Lord is with her. Why "full of grace?" Because the Lord blessed the Holy Virgin Mary so much. It's a blessing to have the Holy M ( Full Answer )
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Why do they call mother Mary virgin Mary?

Because most christian denominations believe she was a virgin when she gave birth to Jesus. I.e. they believed Mary did not conceive Jesus the usual way -- i.e. by sexual inte ( Full Answer )
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Why do you call Mary divine providence?

It"s a little off -focus. Providence is normally reserved for God Himself. Saints have all sorts of gifts, virtures etc. Mary became a Mother ( of God) by Divine Providence, b ( Full Answer )
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How is Mary our mother?

After recalling the presence of Mary and the other women at theLord's cross, St John relates: "When Jesus saw his mother, and thedisciple whom he loved standing near, he said ( Full Answer )
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What special virtues or graces did Mary Magdalene have?

I do not think that Mary Magdalene had any special virtues or graces, apart from the fact that she was chosen by God to first see the resurrected Lord Jesus. In herself she wa ( Full Answer )
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Who declared the adoration of Mary?

Mary was the Holy Mother of Jesus. She was declared by an angel of God. That angel came to her in a dream and declared she would be the Mother of Jesus.
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What is Marie curie's grace stone epitaph?

The Curies are buried in the most prestigious burial site ofFrance: the Pantheon in Paris. On her burial site are simply thewords, "Marie Curie nee Sklodowska 1867-1934."
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When did Mary Grace Canfield die?

Mary Grace Canfield died on February 15, 2014, in Santa Barbara, California, USA of lung cancer.
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What has the author Grace Marie Stinecipher written?

Grace Marie Stinecipher has written: 'A history of the First Baptist Church, Sanford, Florida, 1884-1984' -- subject(s): First Baptist Church (Sanford, Fla.), History
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What has the author Grace Marie McDermott written?

Grace Marie McDermott has written: 'The urban child and environmental education' -- subject(s): Education, Urban, Environmental education, Urban Education