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Is grave digging a crime?

The act of digging a grave to be eventually occupied by a deceased's casket is not illegal. The acts of Grave Robbing (self-explanatory) and Grave Desecration (destruction and disturbing a grave) are criminal offenses.

Is digging graves a hobby?

Digging holes maybe. Digging a grave is the responsiblity of the cemetery. The cemetery employees dig the graves in preperation for funerals, and of course they are paid.

How deep to dig a cats grave?

When digging a grave for a cat or any other family pet, you must dig the grave anywhere between three to five feet deep. However, be sure you also check your local township laws before burying pets on your property.

What makes tut's Tom unique?

king tuts tomb is unique because he was one of the only Pharaohs who had the grave robbed by grave robbers and they did not take the valuables like the pure gold mask that Howard carter found when digging graves… Full Answer

What would be digging in mulch?

All kinds of small animals might be digging in mulch to find a home at night. Chipmunks and rabbits might dig in mulch to hide from predators. Field mice might also dig in mulch to make a nest.