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What dish network customer service is the best?

There are only two satellite dish providers; dish network and Direct Tv. Both of these companies have excellent customer service with 24/7 online support and 24/7 telephone support. However, dish network is rated #1 for customer service.

Is dish or direct tv better?

honestly dish network because of there new box hopper that you can record one more show at once over direct tv.but thre choice is on you they are basiclly same companys and arent much different i would pick dish because… Full Answer

Is DISH satellite better than direct tv?

Dish Network has 295+ channels in its network, while Direct TV has 265+ channels. Regarding international channels, Dish Network features 19 different languages including Polish, Urdu, Farsi, Israeli, and Portuguese. Meanwhile, Direct TV has 9, including Gujarati, Hindi, Tamil, and… Full Answer